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Flax stalk is one of the essential resources in the Medieval Dynasty. Although it is complicated to obtain at the beginning of the game, you can quickly get it as you progress. With the flax stalk, you can craft linen threads in the sewing, and with these linen threads, you can produce clothing and hunting equipment. Also, by selling flax stalk, you can earn money pretty quickly.

Medieval Dynasty: Flax Stalk | How To Make Flax Stalk

Let’s see how to make a flax stalk in Medieval Dynasty.

How To Make Flax Stalk In Medieval Dynasty

To make a Flax Stalk, you must have some technological advancement in Medieval Dynasty because you need a barn to craft flax stalk. Flax stalk is a farming issue. You need to plant flaxseeds in your fields in spring and harvest them in summer. You need a scythe to harvest flax. You can get the scythe by crafting or purchasing it.

After harvesting the flax, all you have to do is go to the barn. In the threshing floor section of the barn, you can separate your flax into seeds and stalks. After this process, you will have the flax stalks, and you can use them as crafting resources in many areas from clothing to hunting.

During the separation process on the threshing floor, you will get new flax seeds to sow next year. So you can get a more considerable amount of flax stalks by repeating the same procedures next spring.

In addition to this process, you can select the direct purchase of flax stalk. For this, you can find the seller named Lubomira in the village of Branica and buy flax stalks from this seller. In addition, flax seeds are also sold in Lubomira’s shop, and you can buy seeds from here and plant them in your field.

All in all, the flax stalk is an essential item in the Medieval Dynasty. By processing the flax stalk at sewing, you can get a linen thread, and you can make clothing and hunting items with these linen threads. You have two ways to do a flax stalk: buying and farming. You need some progress in the game for the second way, but once you’ve got enough progress, you can make quite a lot of flax stalks quickly.

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