Medieval Dynasty: Food | How To Cook Food


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Food is one of the essential things in Medieval Dynasty. If you don’t eat, you’ll get hungry and eventually die. In Medieval Dynasty, you can get something to eat by hunting animals, farming, or collecting directly from nature. However, the nutritional value of raw foods is very low. Therefore, cooking food is quite a point.

Medieval Dynasty: Food | How To Cook Food

Let’s look at how to cook food in Medieval Dynasty.

How To Cook Food In Medieval Dynasty

Cooking at Medieval Dynasty is very important as it increases the nutritional value of the food. For example, cooked meat is more filling than raw meat. Also, by mixing a few vegetables and meat, you can craft a new dish and quench your hunger faster. There are two different methods for cooking in Medieval Dynasty.

Cooking Meat On A Campfire

cooking meat 1

You can use this cooking method only for cooking meat and fish. All you need for this is a campfire, a torch, and meat to cook. You will need leather to craft torches, you can hunt wild animals to get meat and leather. Also, you can get fishes through fishing.

By following the steps below, you can cook meat on the campfire:

Step 1: Press the “Q” key and craft campfire.

step one cooking meat

Step 2: Hold the “E” key to light a campfire.

step two cooking meat 1

Step 3: Press the “E” key again and select the type of meat.

step three cooking meat 1

That’s it. You now have one roasted meat. You can increase the nutritional value of meat by cooking it over a campfire. Thus, by eating roasted meat, you can satisfy your hunger further and save time.

Cooking In The Cauldron

cauldron cooking

The cauldron comes automatically when you build your first house. There is a fire under the cauldron. You can make various dishes in the cauldron by lighting this fire. Unlike cooking in the campfire, you can craft new dishes with different nutritional values with many other vegetable and meat mixtures in the cauldron. For example, by combining onions and meat, you can get a more nutritious meal.

To cook food in the cauldron, all you have to do is light a fire under the cauldron by holding the “E” key. Then, you can open the food tab by pressing the “E” key next to the cauldron and choose the food you want to make from here.

Finally, it would help if you had different types of vegetables to cook in the cauldron. For this, it is vital to get vegetables by farming. Also, some dishes require roasted meats. To make these dishes, you can first cook the meat on a campfire and then mix it with vegetables to get a more nutritious meal.

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