Medieval Dynasty: How to Pay Taxes



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Oddly enough, you can’t just do whatever you want in the Medieval Dynasty. It certainly has many freedom aspects, but you will still have to do some things for the community and the king.

Medieval Dynasty: How to Pay Taxes

One of these things is paying taxes. You must pay taxes when you are building and when you are using fields. Not paying your taxes could lead to some severe issues.

Worry not, we have a detailed guide on how to pay your taxes in Medieval Dynasty!

How to Pay Taxes in Medieval Dynasty

If you don’t pay your taxes by any chance, your debt will collect and grow with interest every year. The taxes are payable every Spring. There is no way around this, and you must pay your taxes.

The taxes are paid in coins to castellan in Gostovia. If you didn’t know how to pay them, check if you have a pending tax in the Management tab in the Medieval Dynasty.

So, here is how you pay your taxes:

  1. Once Spring comes, travel to Gostavia.
  2. Find the castellan in Gostavia.
  3. Interact and pay your taxes and debts.

It is easy to pay your taxes in the Medieval Dynasty. Nonetheless, be cautious and deliver them on time because your reputation drops when you don’t do this.

If your dynasty’s reputation drops below -10000, then that’s game over. In all fairness, to get to this point, you would have not to pay your taxes for many years. Nevertheless, be careful and pay your taxes on time!

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