The Walking Dead Onslaught May Get Future Content Depending on Success and AMC


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The Walking Dead: Onslaught is just a couple of days away from release and you’re probably quite excited about hacking zombies to second-death – and rightly so! But are you waiting for a meal that will be over too soon, or will there be dessert?
For starters, you won’t be left hungry after chomping on The Walking Dead: Onslaught. The developers have confirmed in a recent Reddit AMA that the game will take around 10-15 hours to complete, and that’s based on difficulty. If you play on the easier difficulty (Novice) then that time could well drop.
But what about after the final credits roll and the cast mosey on into The Walking Dead Season 9? That’s not so clear, not yet anyway.
Survios, the game’s developer, has been sat on a recent Reddit AMA answering questions from eager fans, with a few asking about future content for the game, such as DLC and the chances of future content for the game.
At the moment, there’s nothing concrete. According to Survios, there are no plans at the moment, but there’s a chance for more if the game does well.

The Walking Dead Onslaught May Get Future Content Depending on Success and AMC

“While there are no plans at this time to continue supporting TWD:O with more content, never say never. If the game does well, there is always a chance for more content.”

This was later followed up by another comment on how the game is a complete single-player experience, and that any future content would be based on the game’s performance after release and talks with AMC.

“We consider Onslaught to be a complete single player experience, and any consideration of future expansions or content would be based on how well the game performs and additional discussions with AMC.”

So there’s a chance, but it’s dependent on a) the game doing well sales-wise and b) where AMC stands on the matter. AMC is the rights holder, after all, so the end decision will come from the bigwigs up top, and if they don’t think there’s any more money to be pulled in from the game, then there’s little chance of new content being funded.
The best thing to do for The Walking Dead Onslaught DLC is to just wait and see. Personally, I’m hoping for more. I’ve been stabbing and shooting my way through walker skulls for a couple of days now, and it’s a blast. Aaaaaand that’s all you’re getting until September 29th, otherwise, my nuts will be introduced to Lucille.
The Walking Dead: Onslaught releases on September 29th for PSVR and PCVR headsets. If you want a physical copy of the game, you can pre-order on Amazon for when the disk version releases on October 9th.
Source: Reddit

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