Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 : Stuck On Please Wait FIX



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No matter if you’re really trying to learn how to handle a plane or if you just want to goof around while in the sky – Flight Simulator 2020 have proved great for both. Opting inside to manage your own aircraft from one destination to another has never been more interesting, and players can’t wait to get into the game. But, as with all games, bugs and errors are present in Microsoft’s latest flying edition too.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 : Stuck On Please Wait FIX

To be more precise, people are having the “Please wait…” problem when trying to download the game. Basically, it means that the update gets stuck, it glitches and it won’t continue to update. For some reason, this has appeared for a lot of players, and if you’re one of them, here is how to solve it!

How To Fix Stuck “Please wait…” Problem 

To fix stuck please wait problem follow this steps :

  1. Open up your App Data and then follow it with Roaming.
  1. Continue with Microsoft Flight Simulator (or MST), then Packages, then Official and finally Steam.
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Steam folder and there should be multiple files like fs-base-cgl-0.1.21.fspackage005 for example. You need to delete these files in order to unstuck your download.

For starters, try deleting at least one file, preferably the latest one. To know which one is the last, click on Date modified to sort them out. If your download doesn’t continue after this, try deleting multiple files, even up to five. This should fix the problem.

When you’ve done everything, your download should continue normally. If you’re having trouble navigating through the folders, here is a video guide to help you out:

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