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Welcome, ML fans! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has just released its new hero named Floryn. She has a magic attribute that assumes a support role in the game. However, she is not your typical support hero. Her uniqueness is owed to the area of effect of her last skill. Wherever her teammates are, her ultimate will affect them. Aside from her skills, Floryn also shares Lantern of Hope with one of her hero allies as an additional item. This gift will not occupy the item slots of her chosen ally. Instead, it is given as an extra item that grants added health points. Most players, who play this efficient hero, often give the lantern to the core heroes to expedite farming.

Mobile Legends: New Hero

Floryn’s Origin

Floryn has a rather peculiar background story. Her origin was a flower that received a life blessing from the hero, Belerick. It was not Belerick’s intention; however, this particular flower stood out and evolved, giving birth to Floryn. Due to this miracle, Belerick was overprotective of our support hero. This reason drove her away. She brought the seed she always carries back in the days, transforming into a four-legged spirit named Dew. Together, they explored the Land of Dawn and created more miracles to help the people.

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Mage-Support / Tank Build

Lantern of Hope – This is the unique item of Floryn that cannot be sold. It cannot be bought in the shop. Lantern of Hope can be shared with an ally. Floryn can only share this if she is in the Fountain. For Floryn, it grants +40 Magic Power, +10% Movement Speed, and +5% cooldown reduction.

Tank Build

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Demon Shoes – Since Floryn consumes too much mana, these boots help endure clashes. She may now accompany her allies longer in the battlefield.
Oracle – Despite being a magic hero, Floryn can serve as a tank hero. It is a common strategy to take out the support hero of the other team first. This means Floryn is the target of each clash. Thus, equipping her with a defense item would solve that problem. With the Oracle, she will receive magic defense and an increased HP regeneration.
Immortality – Also known as Resurrection item. Aside from added 800 HP and 40 physical defense, this item allows you to resurrect after death.
Antique Cuirass – After getting hit, this item reduces physical attacks received by 8%.
Guardian Helmet – This item provides a whopping +1550 health points with a +20 regeneration rate.

Take note if you decide to use this set of items, her magic, and in turn, her healing powers become less. The reason for this is her support effects also rely on her magic items.


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Magic Shoes – This item reduces cooldown. This will let Floryn use her skills more frequently.
Holy Crystal – This grants +100 Magic Power. The magic power increases as your level increases during the game.
Glowing Wand – Unique trait of this item provides continuous damage against enemies for each skill cast.
Ice Queen Wand – The item slows down enemy heroes when Floryn’s skills land on them.
Genius Wand – This reduces the enemy’s magic defense. Thus, making Floryn’s skills more effective.

Skills Explained

1. Sow – Floryn shoots off energy against enemies dealing damage. After hitting an enemy, the energy bounces back to the nearest allies, and Floryn restoring health points for everyone. The damage inflicted and the health restored depend on its impact on the magic equipment of Floryn.

2. Sprout – Floryn throws a blob of energy in a specific direction dealing magic damage. If an enemy is hit, they will be stunned for a short period.

3. Bloom – This is Floryn’s ultimate skill. She heals all allies on the entire map. This means all team members are healed regardless of their distance from Floryn. This is a global skill effect like Aldous’ and Yi Sun Shin’s. While healing is in effect, enemies near Floryn’s allies will take magic damage.

Floryn vs Other Support Heroes

Floryn VS Estes – While Estes’ ultimate skill provides a greater heal effect, it is limited within a closer range. Estes is less preferred when supporting heroes like Ling, Fanny, and others with high mobility.

Floryn VS Angela – Angela’s ultimate skill is also global. She can use it on any allied hero anywhere on the map. However, Angela’s last skill benefits only one ally hero at a time. Unlike Floryn’s last skill, she heals multiple heroes all at the same time.

Floryn VS Rafaela – Like with Estes, Rafaela’s heal is often limited with heroes within her range. High mobility heroes benefit less with her skill.

That’s it for our global healer! Do you like MLBB’s newest hero? Tell us in the comment section.

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