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GTA 5: Drunk Driver Random Event Guide

The Drunk Driver Random Event is just two of many Random Events you’ll encounter in-game as you work through the main storyline and the Strangers & Freaks side missions. In this Random Event, you’ll get to drive home a couple of NPCs that have had too many drinks and cannot get home by themselves.

This quick guide outlines everything you need to know about the Drunk Driver Random Event.

What is the Drunk Driver Random Event in GTA 5?

The Drunk Driver Random Event features two instances where you drive home NPCs that are too drunk to get home alone.

To complete this Random Event, you only have to use the NPCs’ car and drive them to their requested location. Upon arrival, the NPCs will only give you a small tip, but since they are too drunk to take the car keys from you, you can simply drive away with their vehicle after you successfully deliver them to their location.

Drunk Driver Random Event Location

There are two Drunk Driver Random Event locations in GTA 5 – Aguja Street in La Puerta and Armadillo Avenue in Sandy Shores.

In Drunk Driver 1, you will spot an NPC talking to his drunk friend. When he spots you, he will ask you to take his drunk friend to his home in Alta Place in Hawick.

Drunk Driver 2 can be found at Armadillo Avenue. This time around, a drunk couple will ask you to give them a ride to a motel on Route 68.

Drunk Driver Random Event Rewards

You will get monetary compensation and a free vehicle for completing this Random Event in GTA 5.

When playing as Trevor, you can take the NPC in Drunk Driver 1 and Drunk Driver 2 to the Altruist Cult for $1000 each. In Drunk Driver 1, you will get $80 for your service plus the man’s Baller as a reward. For Drunk Driver 2, you will get a $40 tip plus the couple’s Emperor as a reward.

Aside from the small monetary reward and the free vehicles, you can also check off 2 Random Events from the 14 you need to complete to get a 100% completion in GTA 5.

A few too many drinks

The Drunk Driver Random Event is a simple Random Event that you can easily complete in-game. You only need to drive the NPCs home as you would while moonlighting as a taxi driver around Los Santos to get a small monetary reward and a free vehicle.

The only challenge is knowing where to find the Random Event spawn points and whether the Random Event spawns when you arrive at the Random Event locations. Refer to the Random Event locations above and check back occasionally to trigger this Random Event.

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