How to Use Corrupted Leaves in Monster Legends


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You’ve likely seen mysterious purple leaves used as building blocks or decorations by other players in Monster Legends. You may have even obtained them while exploring the deepest underground levels and are wondering what to use them for.

How to Use Corrupted Leaves in Monster Legends

This guide will explain how to obtain and use Corrupted Leaves. We’ll share instructions on making powerful fuel to harden and melt materials in the forge and using the leaves for building. Read on to find out how you can utilize Corrupted Leaves most effectively.

How to Obtain Corrupted Leaves

Corrupted Leaves can be obtained from the Corruption layer, the deepest layer in the game, located even deeper than Lava Layer. You’ll need to own a Diamond Mining Cell to access it since Corrupted Blocks can’t be bombed with regular mines. The leaves are purple and, unsurprisingly, have a leaf pattern. They’re attached to the stems of Corrupted Wood, and you’ll find them on the floor, ceiling, and walls of the Corrupted layer.

Alternatively, you can craft Corrupted Leaves by mining regular leaves with Corrupted Bombs. Before you can unlock the recipe for Corrupted Bombs, you need to know how to craft a Lumite Mining Cell, Corruption Dust, and Armor-Piercing Bombs. The recipe requires five Corrupted Stones, two Corruption Dust, two Gunpowder, and one Bar of Lumite.

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How to Use Corrupted Leaves

Now that you’ve obtained Corrupted Leaves, it’s time to start using them. First, they make great decorations and building materials. To rotate a block of corrupted Leaves in any direction, press and hold the “R” key. Then, move your cursor in any direction while holding the left mouse button.

Corrupted Leaves can be displayed in containers such as Wood Planters, Flower Pots, and Holiday Decorative Trees. However, they can’t be resized, rotated, or burnt in this case. Be aware, though, that Corrupted Creatures may spawn on the leaves during the night.

Decorations aren’t the primary goal of obtaining Corrupted Leaves, of course. Thanks to the Level 3 heating factor, these leaves are an excellent fuel. The only fuel source that’s better than Corrupted Leaves is Level 10 food cans.

To make Level 3 fuel, you’ll need four Corrupted Leaves and two Corrupted Wood. Not any Corrupted Leaves will do, though. You must obtain either Corrupted Ashenwood Leaves or Corrupted Elderwood Leaves, as other types turn into regular Corrupted Leaves when picked up.

A forge lets you harden and melt materials such as Ores, Beeswax, and Chizzard Gizzard. To use Level 3 fuel made from Corrupted Leaves in the forge, hit the “F” key to open the fuel inventory. Right-click the material you wish to use in the forge, then the fuel. Afterward, you only have to wait while the chosen material melts or hardens.

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Fuel It Up

Now that you know the features of Corrupted Leaves, you can use them for forging and building rather than only planting them in pots. It’s easier to craft, and it makes forging even quicker. This hard-to-obtain material is undoubtedly valuable and versatile. But if you’re looking for a potent fuel, learn more about Tar Food.

What’s the most exciting thing you encountered in the Corrupt layer? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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