How to Get Mythic in Monster Legends


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Mythic monsters are the rarest and most desired monster type in Monster Legends. They are a valuable asset to any team, being nearly unbeatable with their extremely high stats. However, the game doesn’t provide instructions for crafting Mythics, so some players are confused about obtaining them.

How to Get Mythic in Monster Legends

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can get and rank up Mythics in Monster Legends. We’ll also explain how to distinguish between the four Mythic monster types. Read on to discover how to acquire the game’s most powerful monsters.

How to Get Mythic Monsters in Monster Legends

Mythic monsters in the game aren’t as easy to obtain as more common types. Even the Legendary monsters lose in rarity to the Mythics. You can only own one of each Mythic, and to craft it, you’ll need Mythic Monster Cells. Elemental Cells won’t do.

The tricky part is that these cells are unique for each monster, and you’ll need to spend a lot of time finding the necessary number. You also can’t trade or extract the Mythic Monster Cells from another monster. Instead, you’ll have to get them in multiplayer chests, at events, from spins, and in Mythic Dungeons.

The game developers regularly launch special events where you can get Mythic monsters as a reward. Most available Mythics were initially released as a paid Legends Pass or weekly event reward. You’ll have to spend real-life money or a lot of time collecting Gems from the gameplay to obtain them this way.

So, watch out for new events and keep exploring chests to collect enough Mythic Cells to craft your Mythic.

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Ranking Up Mythic Monsters

Not all Mythic monsters have the exact requirements for ranking up. The Original Era Mythic monsters can be ranked up to Level 150 using Mythic Monster Cells and Mythic Amber, found in Mythic Dungeons. Cosmic Mythic monsters can be ranked up using Mythic Monster Cells, nebula, or Stardust.

Similarly, you can rank up Metropolitan Mythics with Mythic Monster Cells or Nebula. However, Corrupted Mythics require either Mythic Monster Cells, Nebula, or Lutum.

To max out the level of any Mythic, you’ll need to spend 8,900 cells in total or the equivalent in stardust, Nebula, Lutum, or Mythic Amber.

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Mythic Monster Types

You can recognize the Original Era Mythics by its orange-yellow icon. Of 216 Mythics in the game, 44 are from the Original Era. These include Blaz, Abysmuss, Moochy, Crusty, and Siamiss.

Cosmic Era Mythics are marked with a pink and blue icon. There are 72 Cosmic Mythics, including Zuperfox, Varupapu, and Undead Mr. Beast.

Metropolitan Era Mythics carry a pink lighting icon on a blue and green background and are the rarest kind, counting only 24 monsters.

Finally, Corrupted Era Mythics can be identified by a triangle icon on a blueish-green background, counting 72 in total, including Mouseron, Neurofunk, and Clocksuko.

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Stay Tuned

Now that you know how to get Mythics in Monster Legends, you must regularly check the game for Mythic events and explore chests and Mythic Dungeons. Thankfully, the developers didn’t make Mythics a paid exclusive, and you can get them with enough dedication by simply playing the game.

What’s your most-desired Mythic in Monster Legends? Share in the comments section below.

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