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Adopt Me, with all the thousands and thousands of items and pets is no doubt a vast game. That makes determination of a value for either a pet or an item infinitely harder. As new pets get released, the value of the old ones either plummets or gets higher. This goes for all the items that were available during a limited time, and then only to become obtainable through trading only.

Adopt Me: How Much is a Cure All Potion Worth

Such an item is the Cure All potion. It is self-explanatory on what it does straight from its name, but while uncovering the current value of it, we will also briefly mention its use.

How Much is the Cure All Potion Worth – Adopt Me

For those that weren’t around in the period that this item got released, basically, it was released for the Advent Calendar event, and along with a few other prizes, this item was given to players on the fourth, the tenth, and the twenty-third day of the event.

It had an interesting use; It was used to complete the tasks for either a baby or a pet. However, it only cured the pet or baby it was drank by, and not an equipped pet.

It was a way to speed up the process of growing and taking care of a pet.

Today, it is not worth that much. You can expect to get an uncommon or at most a rare pet for the Cure All potion. Still, there have been cases where players have gotten a legendary pet for it. Those times are rare, but some collectors are willing to spend the extra to get this item.

In any case, while this potion is extremely rare, and most people have used up all their own, there is not a big demand for it, hence why it is worth so little.

Whether its value will grow in the future is highly unlikely, but it will remain a collector’s item.

Even when it was released, player didn’t perceive the Cure All potion as something useful. After all, it took the fun part out of the game.

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