New ‘Smash’ Spot for Super Mario Bros. Movie has Cat Mario Taking on Donkey Kong



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April is still more than a month away, but Illumination is trying to keep everyone excited about he release of the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Just in, we have a new spot which features Mario taking on Donkey Kong in a cat suit.

New ‘Smash’ Spot for Super Mario Bros. Movie has Cat Mario Taking on Donkey Kong

Check it:

The spot essentially expands on the scene between Mario and Donkey Kong, and it reveals to us the Cat Mario outfit which was introduced to gamers back in 2013. It essentially gives us a first look at these animal suits and the abilities they can give wearers, and it builds up to Mario using the Tanooki suit that we see in previous trailers.

Personally, I love how the movie is approaching the world, with Mario essentially being an Isekai protagonist being thrust into an odd Mushroom world. The movie is already chock full of Easter Eggs, and while I’m sure there are a lot of things to love for Mario fans, it’s also going to be a great jumping off point into the franchise for anyone who hasn’t even picked up a Super Mario game.

The movie may get a lot of flak online for casting Chris Pratt, but a lot of fans agree that the trailer looks amazing, and with the rich history of Super Mario in games, we could be in for a fun ride with all kind of hidden references and Easter Eggs for longtime fans.

Catch The Super Mario Movie when it comes to theaters on April 7, 2023.

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