How To Obtain A Trident in Minecraft


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Obtaining tridents can be difficult, especially for players who are unknowledgeable of how to get them. This guide will show you exactly where and how to obtain a trident in Minecraft.

How To Obtain A Trident in Minecraft

Tridents were first added to Minecraft in the 1.13 Update Aquatic, and since then, players have been raving to get one. As it is one of the rarest weapons in the game, they have unique properties and can only be dropped by a specific mob which makes acquiring tridents a little bit harder than it already is. But compared to other weapons, tridents are best suited for underwater skirmishes, so they are useful for players, especially when conquering an ocean monument. And when equipped with the right enchantment, tridents can deal massive amounts of damage, summon lightning, and even be used to fly! To know more about this, read on and find out how to obtain a trident in Minecraft.

Where Can You Find A Drowned?

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As their name suggests, the drowned are zombies variants that “drowned”; hence they only spawn underwater. Drowned have a certain chance to spawn holding either a trident, a fishing rod, or a nautilus shell. Only drowned who spawn with a trident may drop them upon death. But before we delve into that, we need to know where and how drowned zombies spawn exactly.

Drowned can only spawn when the light level is seven or below in all ocean biomes, excluding the warm ocean, but they have a higher chance of spawning in rivers. They are most commonly found guarding ocean ruin structures and could potentially attack players riding on boats above the ruin. Although drowned may be converted from regular zombies drowning underwater, these types of drowned never spawn with a trident as only naturally-spawned drowned do.

What makes tridents so rare is only 6.25% of naturally-spawned drowned have a chance of spawning with a trident in hand and only an 8.5% chance of dropping them when killed. When calculated, the player has exactly a 0.53% chance of receiving a trident upon killing a drowned using a weapon without the looting enchantment and a 0.71% chance when using a weapon with the Looting III enchantment. Hence, this will prove to be a challenge for players who want to acquire a trident in survival mode.

What Do You Need To Bring?

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To get a trident, you need to look for a drowned. As stated above, drowned zombies only spawn in deep ocean waters where light cannot reach them. So to do that, you must be prepared before venturing into the ocean. Here is a list of all the things you will need on your journey:

  • Armor: Equip yourself with at least a full set of iron armor to protect yourself from drowned attacks underwater. Your armor should preferrably be equipped with a Respiration enchantment to increase the breathing time underwater.
  • Sword: Bring at least an Iron or diamond sword. The sword should preferrably be enchanted with Looting III to increase your chances of acquiring the trident when killing a drowned.
  • Shield: You may use a shield to block attacks from the drowned especially when they throw tridents at you from afar.
  • Potion: You must bring potions of water breathing to be able to breathe underwater for a certain amount of time. A potion of water breathing can be crafted in a brewing stand using 1 netherwart, 1 pufferfish, and 1 water bottle.
  • Boat: The boat will be your mode of transportation in the ocean.

How Do You Get A Trident?

  1. Look for a vast ocean biome and use your boat to paddle to deeper waters.
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  2. Locate an ocean ruin. Ocean ruin structures always have drowned guarding them. These structures will have slightly visible light when seen from above.
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  3. Equip all your gear and weapons and drink a potion of water breathing before diving to the ocean floor.
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  4. Fight a drowned holding a trident. Make sure to use a sword equipped with the Looting III enchantment to increase the chances of the drowned dropping them.
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  5. When you get lucky, the drowned will drop a trident with a random durability. If the drowned does not drop one, find another drowned holding a trident. Do this repeatedly until you acquire one.
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