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Open-world games are some of the most enjoyable in terms of free exploration and sightseeing. A good open-world game includes a massive virtual world designed to perfection with great detail, a versatile land, and unique map sections. In this article, we’re going to feature some of the best open-world games for low-end PCs.

9 Open World Games for Low-End PC

If you have a computer that isn’t amazing in terms of specs, here are some of the best open-world games you can find out there. Let’s start the list and help you choose your new open-world adventure.

Far Cry 2

Let’s start out the list with a game series that specializes in open-world design. The entire Far Cry series focuses on creating massive virtual worlds in which you can walk, drive, fly, and anything in between. Far Cry 2, in particular, is the best one for lower-end PCs.

The game is set in the African desert. It’s a third-person shooter that combines great open-world design in order to offer an immersive experience and one where you can freely explore. A lot of versatility has been put into the development of Far Cry 2. It offers action-packed shootouts, stealth missions, assassinations, and much more. Add a great storyline to this and you get one of the best open-world games for a low-end PC.

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Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassin’s Creed III is the fifth game in chronological order from the series. This means that if this one is supported on a low-end PC then chances are you can also play the previous 4 as well. However, Assassin’s Creed III definitely set a new level for the series in terms of open-world design, missions, and storyline.

The developers added a lot more freedom in the virtual world of Assassin’s Creed III. You can explore vast maps, hunt animals, liberate cities, and much more aside from doing the main missions. The best part of all is that such a great game is easily supported by low-end PCs.

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion introduces us to a more fantasy-oriented open world in which you can find a lot of surprising and weird sights. This just makes the game much more intriguing and fun to play. Aside from doing your main quests which follow the main character finding a way to close hell’s portal, you can also do a lot of exploring, sightseeing, and wandering around the vast open-world that The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion holds.

GTA San Andreas

If you don’t like fantasy open worlds, historical ones, or mythical ones, then how about a world from the 1990s. GTA San Andreas features a massive world set in the 90s where you can drive around and just relax. In addition to this, you can also choose to complete missions and play the campaign mode of the game. This will take you to lots of new places, new cities, and districts that you wouldn’t be able to unlock otherwise.

GTA San Andreas is, to this day, one of the best games ever developed. It has everything someone might want in a PC game. This includes shooting, driving fast cars, flying planes, exploring cities, and just doing your own thing in your free time. Best of all, it’s completely playable on very low-end PCs. Having said all that, it’s definitely safe to say that GTA San Andreas is one of the best open-world games for low-end PCs.

Just Cause

Surprisingly similar to GTA San Andreas’s style of gameplay, Just Cause is another game that we simply couldn’t leave off this list. Just Cause is an action-adventure game that offers tons of fun from start to finish. When you’re not doing the main missions, you can kick back, choose the vehicle of your choice, and just explore the huge virtual world.

Just Cause contains a massive open-world map. It’s more than 1000km2 wide and includes hundreds of side missions that unlock new areas. On top of that, the main 21 story missions are what’s going to pump the most adrenaline.

Mafia 2

Here’s one more similar game to the previous two. However, Mafia 2 takes the dangerous missions and open-world design to a whole other level. Given that Mafia 2 is one of the best open-world games for low-end PCs, this means that you can also play the first Mafia game that was released before it. Furthermore, you’re going to have a lot more fun with this game if you’ve watched the movie The Godfather. The game is simply too exciting, action-packed, and impressive to miss out on.

Spider-Man 3

For all the fans of the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man 3 is an exciting, open-world, and action-packed game that you can’t afford to miss. You may feel like this game is only focused on completing the missions. However, you’d be surprised by how much of the cities you can explore just by swinging webs from tower to tower.

Spider-Man 3 has very low minimum system requirements, includes a vast open world, and offers many exciting missions if you’re up to the challenge.

Star Wars Republic Commando

If you’re into Star Wars and haven’t missed a single movie so far, then Star Wars Republic Commando is going to be your favorite game for the next few days, or hours, depending on how much you play. Don’t get discouraged when you find out that this game was released in 2005. Trust me, it’s still worth playing today.

It has some of the most real blasters and sound effects that resemble the movies and the animated Star Wars series. The missions are super fun, revisiting massive battles on Geonosis, Kashyyyk, and many other worlds.

Batman: Arkham Origins

To conclude this review of 9 of the best open-world games for low-end PCs, we have a game from the DC Universe. Batman, Arkham Origins introduces you to the streets of Gotham City. You get to explore countless dark alleys, scary abandoned buildings, infamous prisons, and much more. The game takes you along the journey of the formation of the Dark Knight and all you need is a decent low-end PC to play it smoothly.

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