Original Ellie Ashley Johnson Confirmed for The Last of Us Episode 9


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The Last of Us is now gearing toward the series finale next week, and after Episode 8 gave us a look at original Joel actor Troy Baker, we’re now set to have the origin story of Ellie’s mother played by the OG game Ellie, Ashley Johnson.

Original Ellie Ashley Johnson Confirmed for The Last of Us Episode 9

Here’s the preview:

We only have a short shot of Johnson, but it looks like her scene is going to have her being attacked by a cordyceps; which could probably explain why Ellie becomes immune.

With the series now gearing up toward its finale with Joel and Ellie meeting the Fireflies, it seems that we’re going to be getting a flashback sequence with Ellie’s mother and probably the backstory of why Marlene knows who Ellie is and why she dropped her off in the FEDRA military school.

With the pace the series was going, I honestly thought the show could end around Dave’s arc, but I guess Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann are going to complete the story of the first game. Of course, this leads us to speculate about what could happen for Season 2. While we could get the events of The Last of Us Part II, I think this could be time for the series to deviate a little bit and give us some original arcs that weren’t in the game. Part II was also filled with its own flashbacks, so maybe we can watch the trip to the museum, but maybe it could also be time to establish the primary antagonist (some would argue co-protagonist) of Part II, Abby.

And by the time we get to Season 3, we can now follow an older Ellie from Part II as she goes on her revenge mission in Seattle.

It’s just a pitch.

The Last of Us is now streaming on HBO Max with new episodes every Sunday.

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