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We only got to experience a short snippet of Outriders and not the full game. However, it isn’t long before the game hits the shelves, and what better way to get ready if not by learning all of the legendary weapons. Currently, there are only ten legendary weapons, but the current consensus in the community is that far more will be added in the future.

Outriders: Legendary Weapons List – Best to Worst

The game looks as though it will go at a rapid pace, considering the fact that it must, in order to keep up with players’ progression rate.

Best To Worst Legendary Weapons List – Outriders

Now, since the weapons we’ll be covering are all legendary, which means top-of-the-line, there is little difference to rank them from best to worse. Also, a gun that will work for a certain build, will not work for another, so there are a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration.

Nonetheless, we strongly believe that all of these weapons are great, and whatever build you’re going for, number ten, might be than number one in your particular case.

The Legendary List

Voodoo Matchmaker

Now, the voodoo matchmaker. What a name, frankly, it is self-explanatory.

  • Ultimate Damage Link
  • Vulnerability Bullets


An assault rifle made out of real bones. If you’re looking for a punch, then this weapon is the way to go. It is beautiful, with a blue tone to it.

  • Ultimate Storm Whip
  • Striga

Rarog’s Gaze

The best rifle out there, with some serious damage. Glows purple, and causes fear into the hearts of your enemies.

  • Weakness Trap
  • Burning Bullets

Aerie Master

Damage output is the highest for a pump action shotgun, with clip size being its main weakness.

  • Weightlessness
  • Critical Point

Golem’s Limb

Another great pump action shotgun, but with less firepower. Thankfully, it compensates with its clip size, which is 6, 50% higher than the Aerie Master.

  • Golem Rising
  • Vampire

Amber Vault

Now this is a weapon that will attract some eyes if you rock it. Unbelievable amounts of damage, for its clip size, DMG, and RPM.

  • Killing Spree
  • Brain-Eater

Torment & Agony

For those looking to do some pistol builds, this is the one to go for. This beautiful blend of corruption and service pistol is a monster!

  • Judgment Enforcer
  • Clip Combustion

The Migraine

If you want to cause your enemies headaches, then consider using The Migraine. It is a great legendary submachine gun.

  • Ultimate Bleeding Bullets
  • Bomb’s Ahead

Grim Marrow

This, frankly bizarre weapon’s appearance is one of a scene of Predator. While it may be weird, it is a adequate light machinegun, which will destroy your enemies.

  • Singularity
  • Improved Stiffening

The Iceberg

The Iceberg is a bolt action rifle, and while it may be hated by many, it is no secret that it is one of the most beautiful guns. It’s a huge rifle, but frozen. Frankly, amazing.

  • Winter Blast
  • Icebreaker

 Like I said, these are the legendary guns that are available at the time of writing. However, this is subject to change, and will inevitably change when the full game launches.

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