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Tracer is a formidable damage-dealing character and with the right strategy, she can wreak havoc on the battlefield. In the wrong hands, though, you’ll find that she’s quite squishy and susceptible to enemy attacks.

How to Play Tracer in Overwatch

So, whether you want to hone your gameplay strategy while using this character, or simply want to try her out for the first time, you’re in the right place.

Learn the different do’s and dont’s when using Tracer as well as things to watch out for when flitting across the maps.

How to Play Tracer in Overwatch

You’ve watched other players use Tracer in jaw-dropping wonder as they Blink around the field eliminating characters. Those pro players didn’t get there overnight. They understand how to use Tracer’s strengths and weaknesses to their advantage, and with the tips below, you will too.
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1. Blink Strategically

Blinking is one of those skills that looks cool while annoying enemies at the same time. But it takes practice to use Blink properly. The last thing you want to do is Blink indiscriminately or you may end up Blinking into enemy fire or inanimate objects on the map.
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Quickly assess your surroundings and how you can use the map to your advantage.

2. Flank, Don’t Chase

Tracer is like Rogue-class characters in other games because their strength is in the element of surprise. Keeping with that theme, you want to end up behind your enemies and close the distance if needed.

Get in and get out as soon as possible. You’re a squishy non-Tank so don’t draw attention, and fire, to yourself. Your job is to harass and not securing kills.

3. Get Up and Personal

Have you ever used your Tracer Main’s Pulse Pistols and wondered where all the damage went? Unfortunately, it’s not a problem with Pulse Pistols, but how you’re utilizing them.

When playing as Tracer, the idea is to get up-close and personal. Ideally, you’ll flank other players before they even know that you’re there and you’ll use your pistols as you close the distance. You’ll find that if you’re too far away, pistols won’t do much damage at all. So, don’t be afraid to get up close before you empty a clip.

4. Live Life on the Edge, Don’t Hesitate

Life happens very quickly as a Tracer, so you need to prepare for split-second decisions. If you sit in one place and equivocate on your decisions, it’s guaranteed that you’ll die – quickly.

5. Say “No” to Hoarding (Pulse Bombs)

Odds are if you’re a new Tracer Main player, you’re hoarding your Pulse Bombs for the “perfect moment.” The hard truth is that you’re probably going to die before that perfect moment arrives. Even worse is the fact that you’ll probably miss your target when you throw a Pulse Bomb; most new Tracers do.

That’s why you need to make sure you use them as soon as possible. If ever there was a time that “practice makes perfect” it’s with these little bombs. You won’t get any better with your aim if you refuse to throw them.

How to Become a Good Tracer Player in Overwatch


Every Tracer Main player understands their character’s strengths and weaknesses. Even Dante “Danteh” Cruz, the Tracer specialist and Overwatch League Pro, understands that Tracers are very squishy. One of Tracer’s biggest weaknesses is her low health bar. She has the lowest in the game if you don’t count D.Va when she’s out of her mech. Yet, Tracer’s biggest combat advantage is getting up close and personal.

So, how do you do that if you’re a one-hit magnet?

According to Danteh, you use a map’s geometry to your advantage. Get to know the map inside and out and strategically Blink to maintain mobility. Also, with the latest 2020 patch, Tracer can now Blink vertically, which brings a huge advantage on certain maps.

What to Watch Out for When Playing Tracer

It seems like anything can take a Tracer out if you’re not paying close attention to what you’re doing. Some notable players that counter Tracer include:

  • McCree
  • Moira
  • Brigitte

Basically, anyone who can slow Tracer down and cause her to hesitate to get close is a danger – that is nearly everybody on the roster.

Also, don’t count on Recall to get you out of tough situations every time. It doesn’t hurt to activate it, but the three-second recall may not be enough to get you out of danger. Or you may end up in a worse situation than you were before.

Be careful about getting caught in your own Pulse Bombs too. It sounds silly but it happens more often than players may like to admit.

Additional FAQs

How Much Damage Does Tracer Do With One Clip?

Pulse Pistols average six damage per bullet and can go up to 12 damage for crits like a headshot. However, at medium to long-range, damage decreases exponentially because of falloff damage and spread. So, you need to keep her under 15 meters from the enemy or you’re just wasting bullets.

How Do You Play Overwatch for Beginners?

First, you’re going to need to pick some Mains to specialize in but don’t get hung up on the heroes you see everybody else play. Everyone is different and a hero that works for your buddy may not work for you. Head to the Practice Range and test out different heroes to see which ones work best for your play style.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAlso, you’re going to need to be flexible in this game. Swapping out heroes in the middle of a game is incredibly important, so try mastering one or two in each role. Don’t forget to practice in “Play vs. AI” mode. Your opponents are bots but your teammates are not so you can learn the softer skills required for the game like communication and teamwork.

How Can I Play Overwatch?

Overwatch is available on a variety of platforms including PC, PlayStation3, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Go to your console’s store to purchase the game or the official Overwatch website.

What Are Tracer’s Weaknesses?

Tracer’s main weaknesses include a very low health pool and inefficiency at medium to long-range combat. Due to these weaknesses, it can make a Tracer Main very dependent on other team members.

What Are Tracer Counters?

Tracer counters are any abilities an opponent may have to shut down her signature moves. For example, McCree’s Flashbang takes out any Tracer that gets too close to him. Tracers who know this may hesitate and overthink their next moves and halt her harassing tactics.

How Effective Is Tracer?

Tracer Mains are very effective if you understand how to use her. In the right hands, Tracer can decimate opponents on the field, but only if you use her correctly.

Blink, Recall, Repeat

If you’re looking to be the one-hit hero on your team, playing as Tracer probably isn’t it. Tracers do best with a hit-and-run strategy that harries opponents and leaves them in disarray. You’re the chaotic bomb on the field that obliterates their carefully laid plans, so don’t hesitate to Blink in close, unleash your Pulse Pistols or Bomb, and Recall. If you do it correctly, they’ll never know what hit ‘em.

Are you a Tracer Main? How long did it take you to master your Tracer skills? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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