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During the time that the Outriders demo was out there were so many unanswered questions on what will be the highest level in the game as far as gear and character level is concerned. As for World Tier level, it was obvious that it would be 15, since the menu was already made, and even though only up to world tier five were unlocked, the other ones could be seen.

Outriders: Max Gear Level

However, when it comes to gear level, how high of a level can players expect? There is a lot of conflicting information on this topic out there, but let’s change that.

Highest Gear Level in Outriders

The max level for gear in Outriders is 50!

While there have been reports of some sets or items having a higher level, there is no evidence for that at the moment. As for enemy level, it appears that 50 levels are the maximum for that as well, which makes higher level gear seem not likely.

In any case, this was the main selling point when the game came out. Many of the players were unsatisfied with the number of levels in the game, which is 30 levels for character progression.

Getting to level 30 can be achieved in a reasonable time, which is about 30 hours on average, hence why so many players were disappointed that there is not much content to go through.

Then, the developers pointed out that while level 30 is the maximum character level, there is a lot more progression to be done with individual character’s gear and world tier level. The main story line in the game will get you to level 26 at least, and after that its down to side missions or expeditions for higher level.

As world tiers increase, so do the enemies’ levels and gear level.

So, while it may appear like Outriders is really short, that is not the case at all. Like I said multiple times already, the main point of the game is gear progression, rather than actual character level progression.

This is a refresher compared to other RPG titles that are available right now.

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