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We’ve established that Outriders is a complex game, there is no doubt about that. While compiling gear and special mods for your gear depending on your build might be difficult, there are also other things that players need to focus on while they’re doing that. Players will need to choose what status effects they’ll need for their particular build, which is not an easy thing.

Outriders: Weakness VS Vulnerability

There are more than a handful of those, but what players have most difficulty is with weakness and vulnerability? What are the effects of both, and what would be better for your build?

Join us as we uncover those answers.

Weakness & Vulnerability

Without beating around the bush for longer than necessary, here is what weakness and vulnerability do in Outriders:

  • Weakness – 30% decrease in all of the damage that is dealt;
  • Vulnerability – 25% increase to all of the damage that is received.

While this descriptions of both can be found in the main menu of the game, there is still confusion about what these actually do, and who do they affect.

Well, if you use weakness, when applied to your enemies, they have a 30% decrease in damage, which means that they will do much less damage to you.

As for vulnerability, it is self-explanatory, meaning, they will receive a lot more damage when this effect is applied, 25% increase in damage received.

However, keep in mind that not all enemies will be susceptible to these status effects. There are some elite enemies, which have a certain skill, which allows them to be invulnerable during some time in combat.

When you use status effect attacks on this enemies, they will slowly build up resistance, and then the skill will become active, at which point, their attacks cannot be canceled, and effects such as weakness and vulnerability will not work.

Still, this isn’t that long, and a great way to tell when it is over is to look whether the blue aura around the enemy is still present or not.

If there is a blue aura, it means that this status effects immunity is still active. If it isn’t, you can start applying weakness or vulnerability to your enemy.

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