Overwatch 2: Junker Queen Gets an Official Gameplay Trailer



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Besides all the new features being marketed for Overwatch 2, there has been a lot of attention put on the new incoming tank, Junker Queen. Just in, we have a new gameplay trailer that shows off all of her skills on the battlefield.

Overwatch 2: Junker Queen Gets an Official Gameplay Trailer

Watch this:

As you can see, Junker Queen’s magnetic gauntlet is very integral to her kit, allowing her to recall her knife and axe after she hurls it at an opponent. The gauntlet is also what allows her to do her ultimate which will let you rush forward with a scrap tornado, hurting everyone that’s crossing your path.

One no-weapon ability JQ also has is her rallying cry, which buffs all her allies around her. I guess it really plays in on her ‘queen’ status, allowing her to lead the charge of her team when she gives the order.

Though Junker Queen already looks pretty great with her regular skin, I can’t wait to see what other looks they have for her in-game. I mean, if we can get a Junker D. Va, maybe there’s a look in the game for JQ that’s more close to goth rock than heavy metal.

While everyone is waiting for OW2’s launch this coming October, you can actually participate in the open beta this June 28 which will allow you to get early access to Junker Queen. The beta is only available for PC and select consoles though.

Overwatch 2 launches for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC on Oct. 4.

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