Overwatch 2 Reveals Kiriko’s Origin Story



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The final hero reveal has been made with Kiriko before the Overwatch 2 launch, and with every new character comes an elaborate backstory.

Overwatch 2 Reveals Kiriko’s Origin Story

Just in, Blizzard has dropped the origin animation for Kiriko, and we get to look at her training days alongside Hanzo and Genji as well as her group of vigilantes called Yokai. Watch this:

Get to know Kiriko Kamori.

A ninja healer who forged her own path with a mix of tradition and innovation.

Though Kiriko has been categorized as a healer in the game, she is said to have great DPS potential as well; hence requiring a huge skill level to properly utilize her. If anything, I’m sure some players will love a good challenge, and I’m always a fan of these hybrid role heroes.

Though characters like Sojourn and Junker Queen will be available for all during the launch of the game, Kiriko is said to only be an instant unlock for fans who own the first Overwatch. Of course, you can always purchase the premium package to be able to use her on the first day.

A lot of fans are nervous for the re-launch of Overwatch. Though the game was one of the most celebrated hero shooters back in 2016, multiple scandals and changes have rendered the current version almost unrecognizable. Hopefully OW2 manages to finally work out all the kinks.

Kiriko launches alongside Overwatch 2 which will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on Oct. 4.

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