Overwatch 2 Reveals the Origin of New Hero Sojourn


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Echo may have been announced to be the last hero coming to Overwatch, but Blizzard is ready to add some more faces with Overwatch 2. With the anniversary incoming, they have revealed a hero we have seen for a while—Sojourn.

Overwatch 2 Reveals the Origin of New Hero Sojourn

Here is her origin story:

This character’s simple description reads A fierce former Captain of Overwatch equipped with cybernetic abilities.

Lore-wise, Sojourn, a.k.a. Vivian Chase, was a member of the Canadian Special Forces, and it looks like she had worked closely with Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76). Like the rest of the Overwatch members, she had fallen into obscurity when the group was disbanded, but with all of them making a comeback, Sojourn is also expected to answer the call.

Though Sojourn is only entering the fray now, we have seen her in the more expanded parts of the game’s lore. We first saw the character in Ana’s 2016 origin story, and she is also the guide in the Storm Rising Archives event.

The origin story does not give us a look at her abilities, but it does say that she is a cyborg—so we should expect her to have a moveset that will allow for some unique traveling across the map. We had got a look at some Sojourn gameplay back in 2021, but seeing that the character is still in development, there could have been some changes done over the year to balance her out with the rest of the characters.

Overwatch 2 still has no release date, but an open PVP Beta is set to occur later this month. The original Overwatch is now playable for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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