How To Unlock Junkrat in Overwatch 2


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Learn how to unlock Junkrat in Overwatch 2!

How To Unlock Junkrat in Overwatch 2

If Overwatch 2 is good at something, it’s its character design, and you can bet that any player will find a character they relate to the best.

One of the standout characters in the game is Australia’s Junkrat, and though he may not be available when you first get the game, there are multiple ways to unlock him in your character roster.

Who is Junkrat?

Junkrat a.k.a. Jamison Fox is Roadhog’s partner-in-crime. He came from Australia and was a former member of the Junkers from Junkertown, but he was branded a public enemy by the town after he stole a bunch of loot from Junker Queen and blew up a bunch of buildings. Even when the JQ and Junkrat interact in-game, there’s a bit of animosity in the voice lines.

A screenshot showing Junkrat in Overwatch 2

Junkrat is familiar with explosives, which is apparent in his soot-covered look. It’s even hinted that many of his bionic implants result from losing limbs because he tampered with bombs. He’s also manic, laughing constantly, and excited to start blowing things up before a match.

Design-wise, Junkrat is a cross between Batman’s Joker and the makeshift world of George Miller’s Mad Max.

A screenshot showing the first-person view when playing as Junkrat in Overwatch 2
via: PlayOverwatch/Youtube

Get a Load of This Junk

As for Junkrat’s abilities, they are all very explosive-based. His frag launcher shoots out these projectile explosives that are too erratic to target accurately. He can also drop concussion mines, which he can use to knock back enemies and even give himself a launch in the air. Pair that with the steel trap, and he can deal much damage.

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His ultimate RIP-Tire also contains a devastating burst that spells trouble for anyone caught in its blast.

Even when Junkrat dies, he still manages to cause chaos. Upon death, Junkrat has a passive ability that will have him drop bombs and cause big damage to nearby enemies. This is troublesome for anyone who tries to eliminate him with a melee attack.

A screenshot showing Junkrat laughing in Overwatch 2

How to Unlock Junkrat

Junkrat is one of the original heroes from the first Overwatch and is fairly easy to use for beginners. To unlock Junkrat, players simply need to play 12 games of Overwatch 2. It doesn’t matter if a player wins or loses. As long as they complete 12 rounds, Junkrat will become available in their roster.

If you don’t want to wait to unlock Junkrat, the store also provides a bundle for Overwatch 2 that will unlock all the heroes and cost you around USD 19.99. Anyone who also owns the first Overwatch will also have all the original heroes available—including Junkrat— when they install Overwatch 2

A screenshot showing Junkrat facing the camera with his pointer finger up in Overwatch 2

First Time User Experience

Though it’s ideal for players to unlock all heroes at once, it is recommended that they unlock each character slowly via Overwatch 2’s First Time User Experience (FTUE) model. This way, most characters are blocked, and players will only have access to a select few that are easiest to use.

The more you play the game, though, the more things you can access as you get used to all the different mechanics and characters that are trickier to master all become available in your roster. Not only do you get to unlock characters, but you’ll also be able to unlock other game modes, including Competitive.

The system is basically in place to help stop player toxicity. Usually, players get angry when paired up with inexperienced Overwatch 2 gamers, so by placing all these blocks, Blizzard can ensure that match-ups will be between experienced users.

Then again, nothing stops you from playing on someone else’s account, regardless of your actual skill level.

A screenshot showing Junkrat running away from a giant explosion in Overwatch 2

“Fire in the Hole!”

Going back to Junkrat, he’s one of the easiest heroes to play in the game, and even the most inexperienced players can cause all kinds of mayhem on the field when they pick Junk.

Just master bouncing your frags off the wall and staying where enemies can’t see you easily. Also, lay your trap less than three seconds away from your position to remove anyone who steps in it easily.

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