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No matter the first-person shooter title, games involving guns require some degree of skill. Overwatch demands more than casual shooting games, especially if you enjoy competitive modes. However, how do you get better if you are newer to the game or have only played for fun?

How to Play Overwatch

As with any game, focusing on the fundamentals is the best way. With repeated practice, you will not only understand the game but also learn skills you never thought of before.

The Basics of Playing Overwatch

You must ditch any lone-wolf mentalities as an online first-person shooter game focusing on heroes and teams. Working with your teammates is necessary, as skill can only take you far. For example, if another hero counters yours, you may need a teammate’s help to win the fight.

Of course, there are times when you can kill everyone on the other team, but such moments are rare. Without teamwork, victory is often out of reach.

Learning How to Play Heroes

Before settling on a hero to play, you should test all the heroes to find the perfect one for your playstyle. The game has a fully functional practice range to shoot and test your heart’s content. Even knowing how to play a hero somewhat helps with overall game knowledge.

Screenshot 5 1
Screenshot 6 1

Understand Hero Roles

Heroes in Overwatch fall into one of several roles. They are:

  • DPS:
    Screenshot 1 2
  • Tank:
    Screenshot 2 2
  • Healer:
    Screenshot 3 2

Understanding each role and which heroes belong to a specific position is essential. That way, you’ll figure out the best way to play them.

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For example, healers are support characters who focus on keeping teammates alive. Stay behind your team’s tanks and heal them instead of rushing to the front lines with guns blazing. Let your DPS do the heavy lifting and secure kills.

Screenshot 8

Tanks are defensive heroes that also focus on defending teammates. With lots of health and protective abilities, tanks can afford to take more hits. They can deal some damage, but not as much as DPS heroes.

Screenshot 7 2

Finally, the DPS role concludes our three primary roles. DPS heroes have the most damage output but can not take many hits. Without tanks and healers, they do not last long on the battlefield.

Screenshot 9

Study the Metagame

The metagame refers to Overwatch’s theory and how certain heroes are better. As the community’s understanding of the game evolves and Blizzard updates the game, the metagame likewise changes. If you wish to improve at Overwatch, even slight metagame knowledge will benefit you.

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At first, learning about the metagame can seem confusing, and we can not fault you for that. But you will eventually develop a better understanding of the game. That is when everything starts making sense.

Communicate Often

Proper communication is essential, especially in Competitive Play. As players try to rank up, you must take the game more seriously than casual modes. Therefore, synchronizing with your team is crucial to victory.

Remember, keeping your teammates in the dark makes it harder for them to assist you and vice versa. Thankfully, even without voice chat, you can use Overwatch’s several communication methods. You can use text chat or emotes, which convey basic battlefield maneuvers adequately.

You will find the team performing much better when everyone helps and talks to each other.

Can I Be DPS?

With lots of practice and playtime, you will learn how to dominate Overwatch lobbies. Remember that this game is heavily team-based, and you must help allies during fights. Understanding the basic hero skills is just one part of the equation. You need to practice, study, and communicate to stomp your opponents.

Who do you main in Overwatch? Do you enjoy competitive modes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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