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Are you fond of action movies with heists? Well, lucky for you, now you can be in one.

PAYDAY 2: Introduction to Skills/Abilities:

Payday 2 is not your typical multiplayer first-person POV shooting video game; it includes money heists and extraction missions. The game can be played with four (4) players at most. It also offers a variety of maps that can be played either as LOUD mode or as stealth mode.

In stealth mode, you and your team are expected to finish the map’s objectives without being seen or discovered by the enemies. What makes this mode challenging is that you can be detected in a number of ways: policemen, guards, civilians, and CCTVs. Sensors are also positioned at entrances for certain maps. Additionally, suspicion may easily rise if you carry heavy guns, when you try to pick locks, and wear your mask in the presence of civilians. Pretty exciting, right?

What makes Payday 2 more interesting is that developers included skills/abilities that are tailored to one’s chosen role in the team. A skill that allows you to revive teammates just by shouting? An ability to convert enemies into allies? The capacity to withstand gunshots? Who wouldn’t want these? These skills are just a few examples of what you can do if you play this game. So today, let’s talk about them.


The skills are divided into five (5) roles: Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician, Ghost, and Fugitive. Each role is further subdivided into three (3) sub-roles. If you play long enough and earn enough points, you can unlock all roles and be all roles. Wait, what? I can become everything? Yes! These roles and sub-roles are not limited to one player. With enough points, you can use all attributes, making you become stronger and swifter. However, if you are just starting, today is your lucky day. We can help you figure out which skills you may want to prioritize.

Skill Role #1: Mastermind

Leaders, come through! Are you usually the leader of your group?

Do you have the charisma of a boss? This set of skills may just be the one made for you.

Mastermind has 3 sub-roles: Medic, Controller, Sharpshooter.

DEFINITION OF TERMS: Basic – acquiring a particular skill, Ace – upgrading the skills acquired

1. Combat Medic – When you add this skill, this grants you a damage reduction of 30% after reviving a crewmate. Acing this skill will provide your revived crewmate with 30% more health.
2. Quick Fix – When acquired, deployment time of FA kits and Doctor Bags are reduced by 50%. Ace this skill and your teammates who use your deployed health item will take less damage of 10% for 2 minutes.
3. Painkillers – Basic painkillers will give your teammates 30% less damage 5 seconds after being revived. Ace this skill to increase damage reduction by an additional 50%.
4. Combat Doctor – Upon getting this skill, you are now allowed to deploy 2 Doctor Bags. Acing this skill will earn your Doctor Bags 2 more charges.
5. Uppers – 7 more FA kits will be added to your inventory.
6. Inspire – This special skill is the ultimate skill for medics. They can revive their crew members just by simply shouting at them. This is useful whenever enemies are overwhelming in numbers and you cannot go near your friends.

A leader with medical skills? You make a fine leader your crew members can depend on!

1. Forced Friendship – Basic skill allows you to tie your hostages 75% faster. Ace skill gains 0.5 damage absorption for each hostage. Maximum stacks: 8 hostages.
2. Confident – Acquire this skill and your power and range of intimidation are increased by 50%. You can convert 2 enemies simultaneously when you ace this skill.
3. Joker – Add this skill to be able to convert non-special enemies. Ace this skill to increase the damage of your converted enemy by 35%. Time to convert an enemy is also reduced by 65%.
4. Partners in Crime – With a converted enemy, your movement speed is increased by 10%. Upgrade this skill, enemy conversion will also increase your health by 30%. Additionally, your converted enemy takes 54% less damage.
5. Stockholm Syndrome – Add this skill to intimidate civilians by the noise you make and keep them intimidated 50% longer. Upon upgrade, this skill prohibits your hostages to escape even when they have been rescued by the police. Moreover, if you were taken into custody, your hostages will trade themselves for your safe return. This specific perk happens only 1 time during a heist.
6. Hostage Taker – its basic attribute lets your health regenerate by 1.5% every 5 seconds provided that you have one of your own hostages or you have converted a law enforcer as your ally. Acing this skill increases the regeneration rate to 4.5%.

An intimidating leader can surely command a group, don’t you think?

1. Stable Shot – You will gain 8 weapon stability upon acquisition. Upgrade this skill will increase your weapon accuracy to 16 while standing still.
2. Marksman – Add this skill to gain 8 weapon accuracy with all SMGs. Ace this skill to increase the accuracy bonus to 20% while aiming down sights with all SMGs.
3. Rifleman – Switching to zoom is 100% faster with all weapons. Upgrade this to increase the weapon zoom level by 25%.
4. Ammo Efficiency – Upon getting 3 headshots in less than 6 seconds will refund 1 bullet to your used weapon. Upgrade this will reduce the number of headshots required to 2 instead of 3.
5. Aggressive Reload – This increases your reload speed by 15%. Ace this will increase your reload speed by 100% for 4 seconds if you kill an enemy by a headshot.
6. Graze – When this skill is added, snipers deal 20% of the damage. Upgrade this to inflict 100% damage.

Who says leaders cannot also be damage dealers? A good leader is a good marksman, I suppose.

If you want to be a leader who can provide health kits for injured crew members and efficiently revive them, can convert civilians and law enforces into joining your cause, and can perform best in shooting down enemies, then pick this set of skills first. Prioritize these abilities whenever you are about to embark on difficult missions where you will face a huge number of enemies. Hence, the Mastermind set is best suited for LOUD mode missions.

Did you like this skill set/role? Which sub-role did you like best? Tell us in the comment section!

Find out more about the other roles in the next article.

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