Phasmophobia Camera: How to Place Camera


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The camera in Phasmophobia is a very commonly used item to catch ghosts. There will be many objectives which the main requirement will be to get some footage from the imposter.

Phasmophobia Camera: How to Place Camera

You need to strategically place your cameras to ensure that you catch the ghost lurking in the building. The camera has a feed which goes straight to the truck, so you can leave the camera and watch the feed from the vehicle.

It can be a little difficult to place and record with the camera. That’s why we will tell you how to place the camera.

How to Place the Camera in Phasmophobia

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As you know, the camera can be obtained at mission’ start in the truck. It’s on the second shelf from the bottom.

However, be careful since there are two types of cameras in Phasmophobia. One is a photo camera, while with the other you can record videos.

The small silver camera can only take photos. So, look for a bigger black camera on the shelves. There are two of these if you want to be more efficient.

Here is how to place camera in Phasmophobia :

  1. Pick up the camera – “E” for PC or X and Square for Xbox or PS4.
  2. Find a good spot for it. While holding it look at the spot and an outline of the camera will appear.
  3. Start recording before you place it – RT or LT for Xbox or PS4 and right-click for PC.
  4. Rotate as needed – A or X for Xbox or PS4 or left-click for PC.
  5. Place the camera on the chosen spot – “F” for PC or RT/R2 for PS4 or Xbox.

To ensure that the camera is recording, go to the truck and switch through the camera feeds and see if that camera is available. If not, go back, pick it up and repeat step three, then place it again.

The best thing you can do with a camera is place it in the room with the highest activity, and leave for a while, so that the ghost can go about its regular business. Good luck!

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