Phasmophobia: Ghosts | Can Ghosts Leave the House


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In Phasmophobia you will see many ghosts. But can they really leave the house? Let’s find out!

Phasmophobia: Ghosts | Can Ghosts Leave the House

The basic premise of the game is gathering evidence using all sorts of gadgets and gear. You have a sort of van like in Scooby-Doo and enter haunted houses to get the needed evidence of the ghost.

In light of this information, it’s good to know the boundaries of the ghost. So, can ghosts leave the house in Phasmophobia?

Can Ghosts Leave the House in Phasmophobia

There are 12 different kinds of ghosts. Each of them is unusually scary for a game. They’ve captured the true spirit of ghost hunting really well.

To pinpoint a ghost, you will need to gather the needed evidence for that ghost, each of them have certain requirements that have to be met. Because of this, each ghost reacts, moves, and does things differently.

With that being said, can ghosts leave the house in Phasmophobia, and if so, which can go out?

Unfortunately, you will be bummed to know that ghosts can travel freely outside too. Probably not as much as inside the house, but they can move a close distance outside the house.

They won’t be able to reach the van, but they can go to the borders of the whole property. I say you will be bummed to know because you will probably not be safe in the yard as well.

There is no specific place you can hide in Phasmophobia, it’s more instance-based. Find out what works for you in the specific situation.

There wasn’t much information about this topic, however, based on experience, the ghosts can move more or less to the boundaries of the property. Good luck!

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