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The real question is… Do you really lose items in Phasmophobia. Let’s find out!

Do You Lose Items in Phasmophobia

In this game, you will find yourself buying special equipment for hunting ghosts. Each mission will reward you with cash, and cash is used to buy gadgets.

You have your own roster of gadgets and you can put it in your loadout, or you can buy gear before the match starts. But hunting ghosts is a hard job, sometimes it even results in death.

Phasmophobia – Do You Lose Items?

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Like I said, it’s a hard job. Chances are very high that at least one of the players in your squad dies on a mission, unless you are a professional ghost buster group.

Nevertheless, it does happen. And what about the equipment that is left behind? Well, from experience this game is known to have bizarre game design choices.

Let’s get to it. Do you lose items if you die in Phasmophobia? YES, you do.

If you start a mission in Phasmophobia and die, you will lose all of the gear that was on your loadout. Additionally, it’s unfortunate that your teammates cannot get back your gear if you die.

According to the players of Phasmophobia, if you leave your equipment behind without retrieving it, you will lose your gear.

So, you need to always get the gear back to the van if you don’t want to lose it. This also adds another layer of fear since, you would have already gotten enough evidence and know which ghost hunts the house and you need to go in it voluntarily.

Nevertheless, if you lose items in regular, your insurance will recover 50% of the cash value lost. Intermediate is similar, but you only get 25% back, while the hardest difficulty doesn’t have any insurance. Sounds scary, right? Well, good luck!

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