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Diluc Ragnvindr is a former member of the Knights of Favonius, the owner of Dawn Winery, and once considered by many as the uncrowned king of Mondstadt due to his massive stream of revenue and an entire network of information.

How to Play Diluc in Genshin Impact

Diluc Ragnvindr became the youngest-ever Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius to grant his father’s wish for him to be the most esteemed knight and safeguard the City of Freedom. When his father, Master Crepus, died due to an unknown evil power that backfired when he used it to save his son, Diluc resigned from the Knights of Favonius and left Mondstadt to search for the truth.

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Diluc’s quest to find the truth behind his father’s death led to The Fatui—a vast and powerful organization secretly creating counterfeit Visions called “Delusions.” When Diluc laid waste to numerous Fatui strongholds, the Harbingers’ rulers took action, and he barely escaped death at their hands.

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The former knight was saved by a third-party observer who then invited him to be part of a vast underground intelligence network. In the fourth year after he left the knights and Mondstadt, Diluc finally returned to the City of Freedom and took over as the head of the family winery.

How to Get Diluc

Diluc is one of the permanent 5-star characters of Genshin Impact, meaning he is available on both the Standard Wish banner and the Character Event Wish banner. He is one of the 5-star characters you will get if you lose the 50/50 guarantee of getting the featured character in the Character Event Wish banner.

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You will need Intertwined Fates, Acquaint Fates, and Primogems to make wishes on any banner. For detailed information about getting characters, especially the 5-star rarity ones, please see this guide.

Team Role and Party Composition

Diluc exists in-game to be a damage dealer or a DPS character, and he is even the most straightforward character to maximize the full potential due to its direct and specific kit boosts. His combat and passive talents are designed in a way that will make you want to keep Diluc on the field.

Diluc can damage that element with his Pyro Vision, but his playstyle involves both physical and Pyro damage despite this.

diluc 002

Bennett is flexible support to any DPS characters, and with Diluc, the elemental resonance of two Pyro characters called Fervent Flames will be activated. The effect of this is it increases the ATK of all team members by 25%, and at the same time, the Cryo debuff on the characters in the team will last 40% less time. For team composition, it is also an excellent choice to pair Diluc with support characters because he is one to be the main DPS of the party.

diluc 006

If the Bennett in your team has unlocked the Constellation Level 6: Fire Ventures with Me, the field created by his elemental burst will give a 15% Pyro damage bonus and infused Pyro to the weapon of a sword, claymore, and polearm-wielder inside it. Diluc will benefit from this, especially if he is a Pyro-build type DPS.

diluc 007

When paired with Chongyun, Diluc will be a triple Melt proc type of DPS. Chongyun’s elemental skill will create a field that will infuse Cryo into Diluc’s claymore if he is inside it. While infused with Cryo, Diluc can do alternating Cryo and Pyro attacks up to three times with his elemental skill. This, with the right intervals, will also trigger the Melt elemental reaction three times.

Another nice to have party members with Diluc are characters who can create shields for the active character in the team. Shielders like Zhongli, Noelle, Diona, Xinyan, and Thoma are good examples.

Talents and Play Style

Searing Onslaught is Diluc’s elemental skill, allowing him to swing his claymore at opponents while infused with Pyro and deal with Pyro damage. This combat talent can be used three times consecutively with a maximum interval time of 3 seconds.

diluc 008

A few regular attacks can follow every press of this skill to do an alternating combo of physical and elemental attacks.

Dawn, Diluc’s elemental burst talent, will have him release a Pyro energy to damage nearby opponents and then summon a Phoenix that flies forward to deal massive Pyro damage to all enemies in its path.

diluc 010

After casting this combat talent, Diluc’s weapon will then be infused with Pyro, making all his attacks deal Pyro damage.

One of Diluc’s passive talents is the Blessing of Phoenix. It increases the duration of the Pyro infusion of Diluc’s elemental burst by 4 seconds. At the same time, talent also grants Diluc a 20% Pyro damage bonus until the Pyro infusion lasts.

Another one of Diluc’s passive talents, Relentless, reduces the stamina costs of charged attack by 50% and increases its duration by 3 seconds.

diluc 015

With the Blessing of Phoenix and Relentless, it is recommended that after using his elemental skill, Diluc should then make a charged attack dealing higher and consecutive Pyro damage to the opponent. His two passive talents will be instrumental when making this attack.


The effects of Diluc’s constellation levels 1, 2, 4, and 6 are perfectly aligned with his simple play style.

diluc 012

Constellation Level 1:  Conviction

This constellation grants Diluc additional damage of 15% against opponents whose remaining HP is 50% and above. To maximize this unlocked potential, Diluc must be the character to deal damage to the opponents during the first half of the battle.

Constellation Level 2: Searing Ember

Unlocking this constellation will grant Diluc certain buffs whenever he takes a hit or damage from both enemies and environmental conditions.

When Diluc takes damage, his ATK will be increased by 10%, and his attack speed will be increased by 5%. This effect can stack up to 3 times, increase the bonuses to 30% ATK and 15% attack speed.

This might be tricky against enemies with high attack damage like boss opponents. The safest way to utilize this constellation effect is to have another character create a shield for Diluc so that he does not lose HP, even if you try to trigger the maximum stack effect of this constellation.

Constellation Level 4: Flowing Flame

With Flowing Flame unlocked, 2 seconds after Diluc casts his elemental skill, casting the next one in the combo deals 40% additional damage. This constellation requires you to cast Diluc’s Searing Onslaught in a rhythm within a 2-second interval.

Constellation Level 6: Flaming Sword, Nemesis of the Dark

If Diluc’s last or sixth constellation has been unlocked, after casting his elemental skill, the next two regular attacks within the next 6 seconds will increase 30% in damage and attack speed. This constellation will also prevent Diluc’s elemental skill from interrupting the normal attack combo.

The best way to maximize Diluc’s constellations level 4 and 6 is to do a normal attack combo after casting the elemental skill. This alternating combo sequence can be done three times.

How to Build Diluc

Building Diluc’s stats depends on the play style or DPS type you want him to be. Since he can do both normal, charged, and elemental attacks alternatingly with decent damage, the next problem is whether a Physical or Pyro build is the best for you. So, what is the best build for Diluc?

Physical vs. Pyro Build for Diluc

If your preferred playstyle focuses on making normal and charged attacks with minimal use of Diluc’s elemental skill and elemental burst talents, you can go with a Physical build.

diluc 011

However, how his elemental burst talent and one of his passive talents make him a good Pyro DPS character. It would be a waste if those talents will not be disregarded due to his stat build.

diluc 013

Please note that Critical Rate is Diluc’s ascension stat—the hidden will only appear and get incremented when a character ascends to the next ascension phase. This makes it easier to build this stat for Diluc and allows you to focus more on other stats, such as ATK and Critical Damage.

Weapon: Claymore

Diluc is the first playable 5-star character that uses a claymore as a weapon. There are already a lot of claymore or big swords available in-game. Choosing one may depend on the build and playstyle you are going for, or it could be its availability to you.

diluc 014

Remember that most of the 4-star and 5-star rarity weapons can only be obtained by wishing on the item banners. Some 4-stars can be obtained by purchasing them from the Paimon’s Bargains shop using Masterless Starglitters.

5-Star Weapons

Wolf’s Gravestone

The Wolf’s Gravestone is the most wanted weapon for all claymore-wielding DPS characters. Its stat and bonus can work decently with most of the claymore DPS characters’ kits and play styles.

claymore card wgs

Aside from the ATK% secondary stat, this weapon’s passive effect additionally increases the user’s ATK by 20%. If the weapon wielder hits an enemy with an HP of less than 30%, the entire party’s ATK will be increased by 40%.

This claymore paired with Diluc’s constellation level 1 will make him a good DPS that you would want to keep on the field most of the time.

Redhorn Stonethresher

This claymore will make it easier to build Critical Damage points for Diluc and increase his overall damage output.

claymore card redhorn stonethresher

This weapon’s passive effect will increase Diluc’s defense, and at the same time, his normal and charged attacks are further increased by 40% of his maximum defense.

Skyward Pride

claymore card skyward pride

Despite having Energy Recharge as its secondary stat, the Skyward Pride’s damage boost bonuses can be taken from its passive effect, which increases the weapon wielder’s damage. Further, after that character uses an elemental burst talent, their normal and charged attacks will create a vacuum blade if they hit an opponent.

Diluc could utilize the passive effect because his playstyle includes making as many regular or charged attacks right after casting his elemental burst. The damage of the vacuum blade created by Skyward Pride’s passive effect will be 80% of the weapon wielders’ max ATK.

4-Star Weapons

Serpent Spine

The Serpent Spine is a 4-star claymore that you can get by purchasing and unlocking the Gnostic Hymn and reaching level 30 of the game’s Battle Pass. This means spending real money, and if you are willing to do so, then this weapon is something to consider.

claymore card serpent spine

This claymore’s secondary stat is Critical Rate which is not something you need to prioritize for Diluc, thanks to his ascension stat. But this weapon will allow Diluc to reach a very high Critical Rate for consistent critical hits in any battle.

If you have this weapon for Diluc, you can focus more on increasing his Critical Damage points.

When equipping this damage, Diluc will gain a damage increase every 4 seconds that he is on the field, and this effect will stack up to 5 times. However, with every stack of damage increase, the damage that Diluc will take is also increased, and with every damage he takes, a stack of effects will be removed.

The best way to maximize this weapon is to practice your dodging skill or be a shielder to Diluc’s team.

Prototype Archaic

claymore card prototype archaic

This weapon is the easiest claymore to get because it can be crafted with the blacksmith. It is also a safe weapon for a DPS-type character, with its stat focusing on giving ATK points.

With the Prototype Archaic, the weapon user’s normal and charged attack has a 50% chance to deal with an additional attack hit to the opponents nearby. The damage of this additional attack will be around 240 to 360%, depending on the weapon’s refinement level.

Lithic Blade

claymore card lithic

Although designed to fit a character from Liyue perfectly, the Lithic Blade can still be a good weapon for Diluc as long as at least one character in his team hails from the land of Geo.

The reason for this is that, with this 4-star claymore, for every character in the party who hails from Liyue, the user’s ATK and critical Rate will be increased. This effect can be stacked up to 4 times, and to have that maximum stack, all party members, including the weapon user, have to be from Liyue.

Luxurious Sea-Lord

claymore card luxurious sea lord

This event-exclusive 4-star claymore is a weapon you can equip any claymore-wielding DPS character due to its straightforward stat bonus. Its passive effect increases the elemental burst damage of the character. When that elemental burst attack hits an opponent, a huge surge of tuna will be summoned to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Many players fancy this claymore, especially for Diluc because of his elemental burst, which infuses Pyro into the weapon. This will give the tuna-looking claymore a barbecue feel, which is funny and cute.


claymore card rainslasher

If you are building your Diluc to be a DPS character focused on elemental reaction damage, then the Rainslasher is a good option. With elemental mastery as its secondary stat, Melt, Overloaded, and Reverse-Vaporize damage can be enhanced.

However, the passive effect of this weapon will only increase the Overloaded and Reverse-Vaporize damage because it only increases the damage against opponents affected by Hydro or Electro.

3-Star Weapons

Although they are good enough claymores for your Diluc, weapons that are 3-star in rarity will give you a hard time exploring and hunting when your world level increases. It would be better to farm and save materials and then craft one of the 4-star claymores available for crafting with the city smithy.

Debate Club

claymore card debate club

This is probably the best 3-star weapon that you can use for a claymore user, especially in early games or on account with lower world levels.

When equipped, after the weapon wielder uses an elemental skill, the normal and charged attacks will trigger additional damage for 15 seconds.

Bloodtainted Greatsword

claymore card bloodtainted greatsword

This weapon is the only 3-star option for an elemental reaction type Diluc due to its secondary stat being Elemental Mastery. Its passive effect also increases the damage that Diluc can deal against enemies affected by Pyro or Electro.


Gladiator’s Finale

card gladiators finale 3

This artifact set is probably designed to fit Diluc’s kit and play style flawlessly. Equipping him with four pieces of this artifact set will not only increase his ATK by 18% but will further increase the damage of his regular attacks by 35%.

After using his elemental burst, Diluc’s attacks will be converted to Pyro because his claymore is infused with the element. With the 4-piece set of the Gladiator’s Finale, Diluc’s normal Pyro attack damage will be enhanced.

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

card shimenawa 3

Since Diluc’s playstyle is alternating between elemental skill and normal or charged attack, the 4-piece set of this artifact can be a good choice.

Aside from the 18% increase in Diluc’s ATK, when he has 15 or more energy, he will lose 15 more energy after using an elemental skill, but his normal, charged, and plunging attacks will be damaged increased by 50% for 10 seconds.

Gladiator’s Finale and Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

The 2-piece set of these artifacts both give a bonus of 18% ATK. Having the 2-piece set of both is not a bad choice to increase a character’s stat, making it a decent artifact set combo for Diluc.

Crimson Witch of Flames

card crimson witch of flames

For a Pyro and elemental reaction, damage build or type Diluc, you can have the 4-piece set of the Crimson Witch of Flames.

Over the 15% Pyro damage bonus effect of the 2-piece set, having four pieces of this artifact set will further increase that bonus by 50% of its starting value after Diluc uses his elemental skill.

Triggering an elemental reaction will also boost that damage when the 4-piece set of this artifact is equipped. The damage of Overloaded and Burning will be increased by 40%, while Vaporize and Melt damage will be increased by 15%.


card lavawalker

The Lavawalker artifact is for the Pyro build Diluc or any character that will throw a lot of Pyro attacks. However, this artifact only shines if a 4-piece set is equipped.

The 2-piece set of Lavawalker artifacts will only give a bonus of increased resistance to Pyro. If four pieces are equipped, aside from the 2-piece set effect, the user’s damage against opponents affected by Pyro will be increased by 35%.

It may seem that the 2-piece set is negligible, but if your character uses Pyro, the things around you can catch fire and then cause your character to get affected by Pyro. This is where the increased Pyro resistance bonus becomes useful.

2-Piece Sets to Be Combined

Gladiator’s Finale, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, and Noblesse Oblige

The 2-piece set of these artifacts can be combined with a 2-piece set of the Crimson Witch of Flames.

card noblesse 2

With the 2-piece Noblesse Noblige, aside from the bonus, you get from Crimson Witch of Flames, Gladiator’s Finale, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, you will also have a bonus of increased damage to elemental burst.

Artifact Parts’ Main Stat

goblet pyro

Since Diluc throws a lot of Pyro attacks, increasing his Pyro damage bonus should be considered. You can get a Goblet of Eonothem with a primary stat of Pyro damage bonus.

It is always better for the Circlet of Logos to have one with either Critical Rate or Critical damage as a primary stat, depending on Diluc needs. But you can most likely focus on Critical Damage because he will already have a decent amount of Critical Rate, all thanks to his ascension stat.

Ascension Materials

To level up and build Diluc to be the type of DPS character you want, you will need to ascend him to 6 ascension phases. And each ascension will need ascension materials that will increase in number and rarity in every phase.

Everflame Seed

boss drop world everflame seed

This item is one of the things you can obtain after defeating the Pyro Regisvine. It is a seed that emits Pyro energy, and it fuels the giant Pyro plant monster.

Agnidus Agate Silvers, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones

These Pyro mineral crystals are obtained from Pyro Regisvines, Pyro Hypostases, and other boss opponents that can manipulate Pyro elemental energy. The lower rarity version can also be bought from city souvenir shops, while the higher rarity version can be crafted.

Small Lamp Grass

specialty small lamp grass

A wild grass that emits light at night and only grows in the lands of Mondstadt. This plant is one of the local specialties of the nation of Anemo.

Fatui Recruit’s, Sergeant’s, and Lieutenant’s Insignia

These are insignias worn by Fatui members, and their varying shapes and color will help identify the rank of that members and distinguish them from one another.

You can obtain these insignias by defeating Fatui Skirmishers, Agents, and Electro Cicin Mages. It can also be purchased from Paimon’s Bargains shop in exchange for Masterless Stardusts. Insignia’s with higher rarity can also be crafted using the ones with lower rarity.

Talent Level-Up Materials

Building a character includes increasing the level of their combat talents, and each level will require certain items as materials for the leveling up process.

For Diluc, aside from Mora and Fatui insignias, leveling up Diluc’s combat talents will also need Dvalin’s Plume. It is the feather of the Dragon of the East, which means you can only obtain one by defeating the Stormterror Dvalin.

boss drop weekly dvalins plume

The talent books you will need for him to master his combat capabilities are the ones of the “Resistance” series, which you can obtain from the Forsaken Rift Domain of Mastery: Frozen Abyss in Mondstadt.

These books include the Teachings of Resistance, Guide to Resistance, and the Philosophies of Resistance. The last two can be crafted using the crafting bench in the town.

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