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Gorou is the great general of Watatsumi Island’s military, deeply trusted and loved by his subordinates. During the Vision Hunt Decree, he led the forces of the Watatsumi against the Shogun’s Army and successfully held the line against them.

How to Play Gorou in Genshin Impact

Despite being nicknamed the “ever-victorious pointy-eared general,” in private, Gorou puts on no airs and is a straightforward person, which has led him to be regarded by all as the man with the plan.

During a special operation when Gorou was still an ordinary soldier, his unit, Gorgasia II, faced an unprecedented crisis. A stray arrow had felled their captain, and the survivors were surrounded deep in the mountains. Leaderless and without any supplies, the unit was on its last legs. With their morale flagging, thoughts of surrender shrouded many minds.

gorou 002

At the critical moment, Gorou stood up, rejected negotiation and surrender, and proposed a bold plan. He suggested leading the larger part of the platoon in a feigned attack to buy the others a chance to call for reinforcements. Once those reinforcements arrived, they could perform a pincer attack together.

After holding the line for several days without rest, the exhausted Gorou and his companions were finally relieved by force led by Sangonomiya Kokomi herself. After that, Gorou was promoted to serve as the captain of Gorgasia II, and from there, he worked his way up to the rank of General.

gorou 003

Gorou also has some personal troubles that are difficult to share. Like how his tail fur starts to get dull and look haggard after being exposed to the elements for too long and how he loves to tend to it – if he could only spare the time out in the field. Or how he sometimes feels slightly inferior about his slight physique when bathing with his subordinates. And about how encountering inscrutable women like Yae Miko instantly sends him into defense mode, rendering him unable to maintain a respectable image properly.

Gorou got his Vision when he no longer pursued the apex of excellence in archery but instead invested time and effort in those around him, helping everyone improve. It was because he realized that getting stronger is important naturally, but uniting the troops to fight as one is even more crucial.


How to Get Gorou

General Gorou is a 4-star character who has already been added as one of the permanent items on all Wish Banners. From time to time, he will be one of the featured 4-star characters in the time-limited Character Wish Banners, where the chance to get a copy of this character will be increased.

You will still be able to get him in all Wish Banners if you are lucky enough. But the best time to make Wishes or do Pulls to get him is when he is featured.

gorou 004

Another way, and perhaps the guaranteed way, of getting a copy or unlocking the constellations of Gorou is to save up on Masterless Starglitters and exchange 34 of them for one character item: Gorou from the Paimon’s Bargains shop. But this shop will only have two characters available each month, and these characters are randomly selected.

To learn more about acquiring characters in Genshin Impact, please read our guide by clicking on this link.

Team Role and Play Style

As introduced in the game, Gorou is a supporting character, and his assisting capabilities are to increase the party’s Defense, resistance to interruption, and Geo Damage.

gorou 013

However, the manner the said buffs will be activated will depend on the number of Geo characters in Gorou’s team. The maximum number of Geo characters needed to provide all the support he can is 3. And since he is a Geo character, the buff’s first level will automatically be activated.

Arataki Itto, Noelle, Yun Jin, and Albedo are characters who can greatly benefit from the buff of the General of the Watatsumi Army. This is because their damages scale off their maximum Defense, and Gorou can increase such a stat.


gorou 005

Combat Talents

Normal Attack: Ripping Fang Fletching

This talent allows Gorou to perform up to 4 consecutive shots with his bow.

When the button for this talent is held, or if the Aimed Shot button is toggled, a more precise attack with increased damage can be performed. While aiming, stone crystals will accumulate on the arrowhead, and a fully charged crystalline arrow will be shot to deal Geo Damage to the target.

gorou 009

While suspended mid-air, this attack can still be used, and when doing so, Gorou will fire off a shower of arrows before falling and striking the ground. This will deal AOE damage upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Inuzaka All-Round Defense

With his basic skill, Gorou will set up a General’s War Banner, and AOE will deal damage to nearby opponents.

gorou 010

The General’s War Banner provides up to 3 buffs to active characters within the skill’s AOE based on the number of Geo characters in the party at the time of casting. This is the default buff since Gorou is a Geo character himself. With 1 Geo character, “Standing Firm” will be activated, giving a Defense bonus to the team.

gorou 011

When 2 Geo characters exist in the party, the “Impregnable” buff will be added, which increases the team’s resistance to interruption. With 3 Geo characters present, “Crunch” will be added as the third buff to increase the Geo Damage of the party.

Gorou can deploy only 1 General’s War Banner on the field anytime. Characters can only benefit from 1 General’s War Banner at a time. When a party member leaves the field, the active buff lasts 2 seconds.

gorou 012

This talent can be used by holding the button to adjust where the General’s War Banner will be placed.

Elemental Burst: Juuga: Forward Unto Victory

Displaying his valor as a general, Gorou will cast this skill to deal with AOE Geo damage and create a field known as General’s Glory to embolden his comrades.

gorou 014

Just like the General’s War Banner created by Inuzaka All-Round Defense, the General’s Glory provides buffs to active characters within the skill’s AOE based on the number of Geo characters in the party. General’s Glory also moves together with the active character.

gorou 015

General’s Glory generates 1 Crystal Collapses every 1.5 seconds, which will deal AOE Geo damage to 1 opponent within the skill’s AOE. It will also pull 1 Elemental Shard in its area of effect to the active character’s position every 1.5 seconds.

The banner will be destroyed if the General’s War Banner created by Gorou currently exists on the field when General’s Glory is created. In addition, for the duration of General’s Glory, Gorou’s elemental skill “Inuzaka All-Round Defense” will not create the General’s War Banner.

If Gourou falls, the effects of General’s Glory will be cleared.

Passive Talents

Heedless of the Wind and Weather

With this passive talent unlocked, after Gorou uses Juuga: Forward Unto Victory, all nearby party members’ Defense will be increased by 25% for 12 seconds.

A Favor Repaid

This passive talent will enhance the damage of Gorou’s elemental skill and elemental burst talents. With this unlocked, Inuzaka’s All-Round Defense will increase its skill damage by an additional 156% of his Defense. While his elemental burst, Juuga: Forward Unto Victory, will have its damage and the damage of Crystal Collapse will increase by 15.6% of his Defense.

Utility Passive: Seeker of Shinies

Gorou’s utility passive is very helpful when farming Inazuma local materials. Whenever he is at the party, nearby resources unique to the nation will be displayed on the mini-map.

Constellation: Canis Bellatoris

gorou 016

Constellation Level 1: Rushing Hound: Swift as the Wind

This first level of Gorou’s constellation will grant Geo damage bonus to his team whenever they are within the AOE of Gorou’s General’s War Banner or General’s Glory. The cool-down time of Inuzaka All-Round Defense will also be decreased by 2 seconds, thanks to this constellation level.

The said effects can only occur once every 10 seconds.

Constellation Level 2: Sitting Hound: Steady as a Clock

Level 2 of Gorou’s constellation enhances the effects of the General’s Glory created by his elemental burst. With this constellation level unlocked, while General’s Glory is in effect, its duration is extended by 1 second when a nearby active character obtains an Elemental shard from a Crystallize reaction.

This effect can occur once every 0.1 seconds with a maximum extension of 3 seconds.

Constellation Level 3: Mauling Hound: Fierce as Fire

Unlocking level 3 of the constellation Canis Bellatoris will increase the level of Gorou’s elemental skill “Inuzaka All-Round Defense” by three and upgrades its maximum level to 15.

Constellation Level 4: Lapping Hound: Warm as Water

Level 4 of Gorou’s constellation grants another supporting effect to the General’s Glory created by Gorou’s elemental burst. With this level unlocked, whenever General’s Glory is in the “Impregnable” or “Crunch” state, it will also heal active characters within its AOE by 50% of Gorou’s Defense every 1.5 seconds.

This means at least 2 Geo characters should be present at the party to have this healing effect.

Constellation Level 5: Striking Hound: Thunderous Force

Unlocking level 5 of the constellation Canis Bellatoris will increase the level of Gorou’s elemental burst “Juuga: Forward Unto Victory” by three and upgrade its maximum level to 15.

Constellation Level 6: Valiant Hound: Mountainous Fealty

The final level of Gorou’s constellation will allow Gorou to grant another type of buff to his team.

For 12 seconds after using Inuzaka All-Round Defense or Juuga: Forward Unto Victory, the Critical Damage of all nearby party members’ Geo damage will be increased. The increase will be based on the buff level of the skill field at the time of use.

When the buff is in the “Standing firm” level, 10% Critical damage will be granted to the team. If it is in “Impregnable,” level 2, 20% Critical Damage is granted, and if the buff is in level 3 or “Crunch,” the team’s Critical Damage will be increased by 40%.

This effect cannot stack and will take reference from the last instance of the effect that is triggered.

How to Build Gorou

Gorou’s main stat is Defense, and his damage, defense buffs, and damage boost to the team scales off his maximum Defense. Therefore, this is the stat you need to increase to maximize this character’s kit. However, there does not exist a bow with Defense as its secondary stat, so you can choose one that increases Energy Recharge so Gorou can spam his elemental burst or one that increases his overall damage output.

gorou 017

Critical Rate and Critical damage will do much of the trick for the latter because ATK alone does not guarantee the best damage output.

If you prefer for Gorou to have higher damage on his normal attack hits, you can equip him with bows that have Physical Damage as their secondary stats. But, this will not increase the damage of his elemental skill and elemental burst.

Weapon: Bow

The bow is Gorou’s weapon, and the ones you need to equip him should have Energy Recharge as its secondary stat so you can spam his Elemental Burst. However, given that he works best in a mono Geo party lineup, collecting Geo elemental particles is not a problem. You can have any damage-boosting weapons.

5-Star Bows

Elegy for the End

bow elegy for the end

This weapon has an energy recharge as its secondary stat bonus, which makes it a good choice for Gorou if his way of generating elemental energy particles is through his elemental skill.

The passive effect of this bow will only increase the user’s Elemental Mastery and ATK, which will not only increase the damage of Gorou’s skills but will also boost the damage absorption of the shield created by the Crystallize Elemental Reaction triggered by Gorou’s skills.

Aqua Simulacra

bow aqua simulacra

Aqua Simulacra’s secondary stat is Critical Damage, which allows you to focus on Critical Rate for artifacts. Its passive effect—The Cleansing Form—increases the weapon user’s HP, and if opponents are nearby, the character’s damage will also be increased. The damage increase bonus will also take effect even if the user of this bow is not on the field.

The way the damage increase bonus of Aqua Simulacra is activated makes it a good weapon for Gorou, even if he is just a support character for the team.

Skyward Harp

bow skyward

This is perhaps the most versatile 5-star bow in the game and is a permanent item, which means you can get it in both the standard and weapon event banners regardless of whether it is featured.

Skyward Harp has the highest base ATK among all available bows in the game with a secondary stat of Critical rate. The passive effect grants a boost in Critical damage, and hits to an opponent have a chance to inflict a small AOE attack that deals Physical damage.

These stat bonuses are fairly balanced and will make it easy for you to build and get good damage output for any bow character.

Polar Star

bow Polar Star

This time-limited 5-star bow has Critical Rate as its secondary stat and a passive that will increase the damage of Gorou’s elemental skill and burst.

Using this bow, any attack from Gorou that hits an opponent will grant him a stack of Ashen Nightstar, which increases ATK. A maximum of 4 stacks can be gained, and each stack will last 10 seconds.

Thundering Pulse

bow thundering

Another 5-star bow that can only be obtained when featured in the weapon banner is the Thundering Pulse. This one will greatly boost Gorou’s Critical damage with its secondary stat.

The weapon’s passive effect grants an increase of 40% to Gorou’s ATK, and she will gain a stack of Thunder Seal, which increases the damage of his regular attacks. If Gorou deals damage to opponents using his normal attack and elemental skill, or if his energy is less than 100%, he will gain another stack of Thunder Seal.

Amos Bow

bow amos

The Amos Bow is the other 5-star bow that is permanent to both banners, just like the Skyward Harp. This weapon is a good bow for a damage dealer because it increases the damage of the user’s normal and charged attacks.

The passive effect, Strong-Willed, is better for a character that focuses on long-ranged attacks. But to maximize it, the character should keep a good distance from the target. This can be easily utilized by Gorou with a play style that focuses on doing fully-charged Aimed Shots.

4-Star Bows

Fading Twilight

bow fading twilight

This is an event-exclusive bow, meaning you can only get it as a reward of the Perilous Trail during the 2.7 game content update. If you get this bow, you can have Gorou equip it and help make up for the energy recharge he needs, thanks to its secondary stat.

The passive effect of this bow is called Radiance of the Deeps, and it has three states: Evengleam, Afterglow, and Dawnblaze. Each state increases the damage of the bow user to a certain percentage, and this weapon switches to a different state every 7 seconds, even if the character is not on the field.

Radiance of the Deeps will also switch states when an attack from the character using this bow hits an opponent.

This 4-star event bow is good for an off-filed DPS due to how the passive effect of this bow works.

Windblume Ode and The Stringless

These two bows have Elemental Mastery as their secondary stat, increasing the damage absorption of shields created by picking Elemental Shards that are dropped when Crystallized Elemental Reaction is triggered.

Although shields formed this way are not that strong, with how often Gorou can trigger Crystallize, the shields can still provide decent protection.

bow windblume ode

The passive effect of Windblume Ode called Windblume Wish grants the character a boon from the ancient wish of the Windblume after they use an elemental skill. This increases the character’s ATK by a certain percentage for 6 seconds.

Arrowless Song is the passive effect of The Stringless, and it simply increases the weapon wielder’s elemental skill and elemental burst.

Sacrificial Bow and Favonius Warbow

These two are also 4-star bows with Energy Recharge as its secondary stat.

bow sacrificial

The Sacrificial Bow has a passive effect called Composed, giving that character more chances to use their elemental skill. With Gorou, when Inuzaka All-Round Defense hits an opponent, the bow will give it a chance to reset its cool down.

bow favonius warbow

The Favonius Warbow, on the other hand, will quickly fill Gorou’s energy meter with its passive Windfall. This effect grants Critical Hits a chance to generate a small number of Elemental Particles, which will generate 6 energy for the character. It will have Gorou’s elemental burst ready in no time.

Alley Hunter

bow alley hunter

This 4-start bow is perfect for any off-field damage dealer or support characters.

It has ATK% as its secondary stat, which is safe for most characters because it can increase their damage output. Its passive effect, Oppidan Ambush, requires the character to stay off the field at most times and only take the field for 4 seconds at most to maximize the effect.

Oppidan Ambush grants the character an increase to their damage by a certain percentage every second they are not on the field. When the character is on the field for more than 4 seconds, the damage buff will decrease by a certain amount every second until it reaches 0%.

The Viridescent Hunt and Blackcliff Warbow

If you are focusing on Gorou’s overall damage output, especially if he is your main character in the team, these two weapons are really good choices.

bow card viridescent

The Viridescent Hunt has a Critical Rate as its secondary stat. Its passive effect called Verdant Wind grants a 50% chance to generate a Cyclone whenever a normal and charged attack hits an opponent. The Cyclone will continuously attract surrounding opponents and will deal physical damage to these opponents.

bow blackcliff warbow

With Blackcliff Warbow’s Critical Damage secondary stat, you can focus on building Amber’s Critical Rate with her artifacts. This bow’s passive called Press the Advantage will increase her ATK after Gorou defeats an opponent. This effect is good in situations where multiple weaker opponents are present.

Prototype Crescent and Hamayumi

Some free-to-play friendly weapons are the Prototype Crescent and Hamayumi because you can craft them with the city smithy if you have the right materials. These 4-star bows have ATK% as their secondary stat, which is a decent and safe stat for most characters.

bow prototype crescent

Prototype Crescent’s passive effect is called Unreturning, which increases the movement speed and ATK of the character for 10 seconds whenever a charged attack hits on an opponent’s weak points.

bow hamayumi

The Hamayumi, on the other hand, has a Full Draw for its passive effect. This increases the character’s normal attack and charged attack damage, and when their Energy reaches 100%, the effect is increased by 100% or doubled.


4-Piece Sets

Husk of Opulent Dreams

card husk of opulent dreams

This artifact set is designed for a Geo character whose main stat is Defense.

Its 2-piece set will give a 30% Defense bonus, and its 4-piece set bonus will grant the user the Curiosity effect in certain conditions. When on the field, the character will gain 1 stack of Curiosity when they hit an opponent with a Geo attack. When off the field, the character will gain 1 stack of Curiosity every 3 seconds.

Each stack of Curiosity effect will grant the character a 6% Defense and Geo damage bonus, and a maximum of 4 stacks can be obtained. However, if 6 seconds have passed and no new stack is gained, 1 stack of Curiosity will be lost.

Archaic Petra

card archaic petra

The 2-piece set of Archaic Petra grants a 15% Geo damage bonus to the character using the artifact. If 4 pieces are equipped, aside from the 15% Geo damage bonus, if the character picks up an Elemental Shard created through Crystallize Reaction, all party members will gain a 35% damage bonus for that particular element.

The elemental damage bonus lasts for 10 seconds, and only one elemental damage bonus can be obtained in this manner at any one time.

The 4-piece set can be useful as a supporting character in a team that easily triggers Crystallize elemental Reaction. But, you must ensure the Elemental Shard you pick up is of the same element as your team’s DPS character.

Noblesse Oblige

card noblesse

Above the elemental burst damage bonus given by this artifact’s 2-piece set, the 4-piece set effect will grant the entire party an additional ATK of 20% whenever the artifact user uses an elemental burst.

This will allow Gorou to give another kind of buff to the entire party. With this artifact set, he can provide defense, increases the team’s resistance to interruption, grant Geo Damage bonus, and now also increases the team’s ATK.

2-Piece Sets Combination

A combination of the 2-piece parts of the above-mentioned artifacts set is the best and most decent set effect for Gorou. Other artifact sets will not do much and even compromise his support capabilities.

Defender’s Will

card defenders will

This artifact set is a 4-star alternative that increases the character’s Defense by 30% if 2 parts are equipped. It can be paired with another 2-piece set of the Husk of Opulent Dreams for a total Defense bonus of 60%.

Artifact Parts’ Main Stat

The stat requirements for Gorou kit are pretty straightforward, by only needing him to increase his Defense. Thus, it is best to equip him with a Circlet of Logos, Goblet of Eonothem, and Sands of Eon with Defense as its main stats.

Gorou’s Character Ascension

What is Character Ascension in Genshin Impact

Each character has a certain level cap depending on their current ascension phase, and a character can be ascended up to 6 phases to reach the maximum character level, which is 90. Passive talents and special ascension stats will also be unlocked when a character is ascended to certain phases.

Ascension Materials

Ascending a character will need several items to be used as ascension materials, and for Gorou, the materials and the amount needed for each ascension phase are listed below.

Mora: 420,000

other mora

Mora is Genshin Impact’s main currency unit. It is accepted in all the nations of Teyvat and is also used to upgrade weapons, artifacts, talents, and character levels.

Perpetual Heart: 46

boss drop world pma perpetual heart

This item is the core that serves as the power source that allows the Perpetual Mechanical Array to move autonomously. Each core has a symbol that people theorize to have knowledge and logic inscribed upon them in a language that eyes cannot perceive. Some even believe that these unique Ruin machines autonomously decided to forsake biometric form to pursue strength of function because of their especially large cores and complex inscriptions.

You can get a few of this power core when you defeat the Ruin boss, Perpetual Mechanical Array, in its lair in an underwater cave northeast of Araumi.

Prithiva Topaz

These mineral crystals can be obtained from boss enemies manipulating the Geo element. Boss enemies include the Geo Hypostasis, Primo Geovishap, Perpetual Mechanical Array, the Ruin Serpent, and even Azhdaha.

You can also get these from quest and commission rewards by crafting them using the ones with lower rarity levels.

The amounts needed for each are as follows: Prithiva Topaz Sliver: 1; Prithiva Topaz Fragments: 9; Prithiva Topaz Chunks: 9; Prithiva Topaz Gemstones: 6.

Sango Pearl: 168

specialty sango pearl

A Sango Pearl gives off a cool sheen like that of the moonlight. This precious pearl only grows in the coral of Watatsumi and is considered a local specialty of Inazuma, particularly Watatsumi Island.

Spectral Core

These are energy cores of the Specters that contain elemental energy, which allows the said life forms to float and move around. You can collect some of these by defeating Specters of all elemental types. The Heart and the Nucleus can be crafted via the crafting bench in the city.

The amount needed for each is as follows: Spectral Husk: 18; Spectral Heart: 30; Spectral Nucleus: 36.

Ascension Phases

Ascension Phase 1

This first ascension will be done after the character reaches level 20, and they cannot proceed to the next level without ascending to the next phase. The character level cap will be increased to 40, and Gorou’s first passive talent, Heedless of the Wind and Weather, will be unlocked.


  • Mora – 20,000
  • Prithiva Topaz Sliver – 1
  • Sango Pearl – 3
  • Spectral Husk – 3

Unlocked Talent: Heedless of the Wind and Weather (1st Passive Talent)

Ascension Phase 2

Ascension Phase 2 can be reached at character level 40 and will increase the character level cap to 50. After this ascension, the character’s talents can be upgraded or leveled up. Gorou will also unlock a special ascension stat on this phase: the Geo Damage Bonus of 6%.


  • Mora – 40,000
  • Prithiva Topaz Fragments – 3
  • Sango Pearl – 10
  • Spectral Husk – 15
  • Perpetual Heart – 2

Unlocked Special Stat: 6% Geo Damage Bonus

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 1 to 2

Ascension Phase 3

After reaching level 50, Gorou can ascend to ascension phase 3, increasing his character level cap to 60. The 3rd ascension phase will also double the Geo Damage Bonus special stat from 6% to 12%. Additionally, Gorou’s combat talents can increase to level 4.


  • Mora – 60,000
  • Prithiva Topaz Fragments – 6
  • Sango Pearl – 20
  • Spectral Heart – 12
  • Perpetual Heart – 4

Unlocked Stat: Geo Damage Bonus increased from 6% to 12%

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 2 to 4

Ascension Phase 4

At level 60, you can ascend Gorou to ascension phase 4 and upgrade his character level cap to 70. After ascending, you will unlock his second Passive Talent, A Favor Repaid, and all his Combat Talents can be leveled up to 6.


  • Mora – 80,000
  • Prithiva Topaz Chunks – 3
  • Sango Pearl – 30
  • Spectral Heart – 18
  • Perpetual Heart – 8

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 4 to 6

Unlocked Talent: A Favor Repaid (2nd Passive Talent)

Ascension Phase 5

The 5th ascension phase can be reached when Gorou is at level 70, and ascending will increase his character level cap to 80. His special ascension stat, Geo Damage Bonus, will be increased to 18% at this phase. Gorou’s combat talents will also upgrade their level cap from 6 to 8.


  • Mora – 100,000
  • Prithiva Topaz Chunks – 6
  • Sango Pearl – 45
  • Spectral Nucleus – 12
  • Perpetual Heart – 12

Unlocked Stat: Geo Damage Bonus increased from 12% to 18%

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 6 to 8

Ascension Phase 6

Gorou’s final ascension phase is at level 80 and will increase his character level cap to 90. His special ascension stat, the Geo Damage Bonus, will be increased to 24%, and his Combat Talents can now be upgraded to the maximum level of 10.


  • Mora – 120,000
  • Prithiva Topaz Gemstones – 6
  • Sango Pearl – 60
  • Spectral Nucleus – 24
  • Perpetual Heart – 20

Unlocked Stat: Geo Damage Bonus increased from 18% to 24%

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 8 to 10

Gorou’s Talent Level-Up Materials

What are the Talent Level-Up Materials for Gorou

Aside from Mora and Spectral Cores, you will also need a few Molten Moments to increase the level of Gorou’s combat talents.

Molten Moment

boss drop weekly signora molten moment

A Molten Moment is a deformed fragment containing Signora’s great might after she unleashes her original power. You can get some of these by defeating her in the Duel to the Fiery Death at Tenshukaku.

Talent Level Book: Light

The talent scrolls you will need for Gorou to master her combat capabilities are the ones of the “Light” series, which you can obtain from the Violet Court Domain of Mastery: Vine–Infested Ruins in Narukami Island, Inazuma.

These scrolls include the Teachings of Light, Guide to Light, and the Philosophies of Light. The last two can be crafted using the crafting bench in the town.

Crown of Insight

other crown of insight

Leveling a combat talent up from level 9 to 10 will need a Crown of Insight, a special item that can only be obtained as a reward from the game’s events.

Mora: 1,652,500

Spectral Husk: 6

Spectral Heart: 22

Spectral Nucleus: 31

Teachings of Light: 3

Guide to Light: 21

Philosophies of Light: 38

Molten Moment: 6

Crown of Insight: 1

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