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Wondering how to play the new map Lotus in Valorant? We have you covered in this guide.

How to Play the New Map Lotus in Valorant

You can expect a new map in Valorant when Riot Games releases a new Episode. For example, Episode 3 saw the release of Fracture, while Pearl was added to the game in Episode 5. For Episode 6, Riot Games added Lotus – an ancient city map with not one, not two, but three bomb sites.

Don’t let the three bomb sites fool you – Lotus is no Haven, and that will become even more apparent as you read through this quick guide on how to play the new map Lotus in Valorant.

New Map Lotus

Lotus is Valorant’s ninth map and the second triple-bombsite map in the game. The map is located in Western Ghats, India, on Omega Earth, and is built around an ancient city powered by a giant Lotus Flowers.

Most maps in Valorant feature Dynamic Elements that give players a new and unique gameplay experience. Lotus’ Dynamic Elements are the Rotating Doors, Destructible Door, Silent Drop, and Rope Ascender. Together, these map elements bring many new gameplay opportunities that help separate it from its older sibling, Haven.

Lotus Callouts

New Valorant Map Lotus Callouts

There are tons of callouts for Lotus, which is expected, as the map does feature more than the

How to Play the New Map Lotus

A map with three dedicated bombsites isn’t new in Valorant. Haven has been in the game since the early days of Valorant, and many players have had tons of time formulating strategies to navigate the three-bombsite map layout.

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Even though Lotus and Haven share a similar basic map layout, the latter brings in a couple of subtle elements that give Lotus a distinct gameplay characteristic.

Check out how to play the new Valorant map Lotus through the guide below.

A-site Attacking

A-site is arguably the most important bomb site for both teams on Lotus. (You can thank the breakable door at A-Link for that.)

The breakable door provides a solid mid-round rotation option to the B-site if A-site control proves unfruitful.

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Aside from the breakable door, one rotating door also leads to A-Tree. This rotating door leads to the A-site, and the Attacking team can use this door to flank entry toward A-site.

When Attacking A-site, make sure to smoke off A-Stairs, as this is one of the most direct sightlines the Defending team has on the Attackers after the barrier drops. After you smoke off A-Stairs, all that’s left is to clear A-Rubble/A-Main and set up your next smoke for A-site.

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The Defending team can access a powerful high-ground angle toward A-site Entrance and A-Tree. This can put your team at a disadvantage upon site entry, so make sure you smoke off A-Rope before entering A-site.

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A-site Defending

Smoke off A-Lobby when playing defense on Lotus A-site to deter the Attacking team from pushing through A-Rubble/A-Main on Lotus. This ensures that the Attacking team will not have access to the breakable or rotating door.

Smoke off A-Lobby when playing defense on the new map Lotus

Your goal when Defending the A-site is to deny the Attacking team access to the A-Main area. Yielding A-Main to the Attackers gives them access to a rotational lane towards B-site through A-Link.

B-site Attacking

B-site can be quite tricky to take as an Attacker. The B-site Entrance is a choke point that the Defending team can simply spam with weapons or utility.

Attack B-site by utilizing the A-Link door and double-entry through B-Main and A-Link to flank the B-site Defenders.

Breakable door in A-Link Lotus in Valorant

You can reduce the number of angles available to the B-site Defenders by smoking off B-Upper and C-Waterfall lanes when you play the new map Lotus in Valorant.

How to play B-site on Lotus
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B-site Defending

Playing Defense on B-site can still be tricky despite the B-Entrance choke point advantage. Only one player (typically a Sentinel like Cypher) will be on B-site. This makes it easy to rush down and control as a full team.

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Playing at A-Link is your best bet at denying the Attackers on B-site. From there, you should have a good line of sight toward B-Entrance and A-Link. Just be aware that the Attackers typically smoke off the lane toward A-Link.

C-site Attacking

C-site is arguably the most difficult bombsite to take on Lotus. You must make it through C-Mound before you can start thinking about setting up for C-site. When you make it to C-site, your team will have a ton of angles to clear before you can plant the Spike safely.

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With that said, you’ll need specific Agents on your team if you want to Attack C-site successfully. Jett, Raze, Omen, or Breach are some of the Agents that can lead site entry for your team when Attacking the C-site on Lotus.

C-site Defending

As a Defender on C-site Lotus, you will have the angle advantage at C-Mound as soon as the barrier drops. You can use this to pick off enemies early in the round, spot them, and make the necessary defensive play afterward.

You can also just smoke off C-Mound to deter the Attacking team from taking control of the area. After that, you can set up some utility (when playing as a Sentinel) or take a more aggressive position if you’re feeling sharp.

How to defend B-site Lotus in Valorant

With that said, it might be best to play within C-site itself. The bombsite presents multiple angles that you can use to catch the Attacking team off guard as they enter the bombsite, so use that to your advantage.

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Flower Powered Map

The most obvious is the rotating doors in A-site and B/C-site and the breakable door connecting A-site to B-site.

On Haven, you must return to Attacker Spawn if your team rotates to a different bombsite. Lotus makes rotations more interesting due to the rotating door at A-site and C-site and the breakable door at A-Link.

So there we have it! We hope that you better understand how to play the new map Lotus in Valorant through the help of this guide.

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