PlayStation Drops Exclusive Clip for Mythic Quest 3


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Besides the premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, today also marks the premiere for the third season of Apple TV+’s love letter to the video game industry, Mythic Quest. Just to give you a tease of where the show will start out, PlayStation has dropped a new clip that updates us on the place of the characters in Season 3.

PlayStation Drops Exclusive Clip for Mythic Quest 3

Watch this:

The clip pretty much picks up after the second season finale, with Poppy and Ian going off to create their own studio, and Brad being sent off to jail for insider trading. After spending two years being the office doormat, it looks like David has finally managed to keep his studio under control, but things should start to fall apart again once Ian, Poppy, and Brad manage to find themselves working with each other again.

Like I said, the series is pretty much a love letter to the game industry, and there are several references in the show when it comes to gaming, from the toxicity of player communities to the cash grab nature of DLCs. Even the trailers for the third season have teased MQ getting into the concept of the Metaverse; and David uses the word ‘sus’—which is kind of outdated, but completely on-brand for his out-of-touch character.

Mythic Quest is no doubt one of the more interesting comedies on Apple TV+ right now, and I can’t wait for the series return. The characters are great and episodes can sometime get experimental; and it’s probably the closest thing we have to a Community series before the movie comes out on Peacock.

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