PlayStation Reveals Special Features for PS VR2


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With the new-gen consoles having been around for a while, PlayStation is now ready to give fans a look at the PS VR2. Just in, we have a new trailer showcasing all the features of the new-gen VR headset, and it promises one hell of a gaming experience.

PlayStation Reveals Special Features for PS VR2

Watch this:

Immerse yourself in epic worlds that go beyond reality.

Experience the next generation of virtual reality play with stunning 4K HDR visuals, genre-defining games, and unique sensations from the ground-breaking PlayStation VR2 headset and PlayStation VR Sense controller.

Though visuals are usually the big hook when it comes to virtual reality, there are a lot more elements added to the PS VR2 to make sure that you’re immersed in whatever game you’re playing. 3D audio will have sounds coming from all directions for the user, and the Sense controller also includes all the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that the PS5’s DualSense is also known for.

What’s also cool is that the PS VR2 also has eye-tracking technology which will actually help with aiming when it comes to gameplay. The headset also has its own kind of feedback which should also allow for more immersion for players.

I guess if the device is still missing something, it’s that the headset isn’t wireless. Admittedly it’s hard to be immersed in a world where your head is connected to a cable, but hopefully PlayStation can deliver that wireless VR headset soon enough.

Feel a new real when the PS VR2 launches on Feb. 22.

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