Pokemon Legends: Arceus Ultimate Budew Guide


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In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the player is encouraged to live up to one of the franchise’s most famous lines, “Gotta catch ’em all,” as the player gets to be a member of the Galaxy Expedition Team (or just Galaxy Team) as a member of the Survey Corps who have been entrusted with learning everything they possibly can about the Hisui (future Sinnoh) Pokemon. In addition, the legendary Arceus will assign the player a personal mission to meet all of the Pokemon in Hisui.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Ultimate Budew Guide

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about Budew!


Budew, the 89th Pokemon in the Hisuian Pokedex, is a Grass and Poison-type Bud Pokemon with a very short, green body that looks like a rosebud, a yellow face, a pair of small eyes that look like slits, a small mouth, a dark green marking under its face that looks like a bib, two intertwined vines on top of its head with lighter green tips and a few black spots, and a pair of yellow, triangular, stubby feet.

According to its Pokedex entry in the game, the bud on top of a Budew’s head opens when the sun’s light gets stronger, and that bud is what people take as a sign that the winter season is over and the budding season has started.

Basic Information

image 108

Budew is a Grass and Poison-type Pokemon. Hence, it is weak (super effective) to Fire-type, Flying-type, Ice-type, and Psychic-type moves and resistant (not very effective) to Electric-type, Fairy-type, Fighting-type, Water-type, and especially Grass-type moves.

Budew’s base stats are 40 HP, 30 Attack, 35 Defense, 50 Special Attack, 70 Special Defense, and 55 Speed for a total of 280.

Budew can evolve into a Roselia by leveling up during the daytime once it reaches a high Friendship Level. Roselia can then be evolved into a Roserade by using a Shiny Stone.

To boost a Pokemon’s Friendship Level, the player must maintain the Pokemon in their party, use it in battle without letting it faint, and send it out to gather resources from trees and ores.

The player can check a Pokemon’s current Friendship Level by heading to the Friendship Checker, Belamy, who can be found a little south of the Pastures on the eastern side of Jubilife Village (Belamy is the man wearing blue clothes).

However, it is important to mention that the Friendship Checker is not available right at the start of the game. To unlock the Friendship Checker, the player must complete the “Measuring Your Compatibility” Request (request 28).


After that, the player can talk to Belamy and select which Pokemon’s Friendship Level they want to check. Belamy will then only give a description corresponding to a certain Friendship Level, which can get confusing. So, the actual Friendship Level is as follows, based on Belamy’s description:

Friendship LevelBelamy’s Description
Base Friendship“[Your Pokemon] seems leery of you yet. New to the team, perhaps?”
Low“I suppose [your Pokemon]’s become a bit friendly toward you, but you’ve a ways to go…”
Mid“[Your Pokemon] seems to get on well with you. But I’m sure it could get on better!”
High“You and [your Pokemon] seem to be fast friends. You must be quite good companions!”
Highest“What an excellent pair of friends you and [your Pokemon] make. You must mean a lot to each other!”

To evolve a Budew, the player’s Budew must be on the High or Highest Friendship Level and leveled up during the day.

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Regarding food, Budew prefers Springy Mushrooms, Dazzling Honey, and Crunchy Salts, which, like berries, can be tossed to feed or distract it so it can be caught or battled unawares.

When a wild Budew is caught or defeated, the player is rewarded with a Vivichoke and Hearty Grains.


To find a Budew, the player can locate them in the following locations:

In the Crimson Mirelands: in the northwest of Gapejaw Bog and the Golden Lowlands.

image 107

In the Cobalt Coastlands: in Tombolo Walk.

image 110

In the Coronet Highlands: on the land part of the Fabled Spring.

image 109

Budew can be found in the areas mentioned in every weather condition but only here during the day (morning, midday, and evening).

Aside from the locations mentioned, there is a possibility that the player can find a Budew in Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Crimson Mirelands.

Research Tasks

The following are the Research Tasks in Budew’s Pokedex entry:

MultiplierResearch TaskObjectives
x2Number caught1/3/6/12/25
Number you have caught without being spotted1/2/5/10/20
Number caught during daylight hours1/2/5/10/20
Number defeated1/2/3/4/5
Times you have seen it use Absorb1/3/8/20/40
x2Times you have given it food1/2/3/4/5
x2Number evolved1/23

To be considered complete, a Pokemon’s Pokedex entry requires reaching Research Level 10. When a Research Task objective has been accomplished, the Research Level of a Pokemon’s Pokedex entry raises by one level, except for when the Research Task objective has a multiplier of x2, in which case fulfilling one of its objectives grants two Research Levels rather than one.

It should be noted that completing Pokedex entries and Research Task objectives will give the player Research Points, which can increase the player’s Star Rank in the Galaxy Team if enough are collected.

To quickly complete Budew’s Pokedex entry, the player can feed a Budew food or berries four times, then catch one. These will tick the first, second, third, and fourth objective of the “Times you have given it food” Research Task to quickly get to Research Level 8 thanks to its x2 multiplier, then tick the first objective of the “Number caught” Research Task to gain the last two Research Levels needed to get to Research Level 10 and complete its Pokedex entry.


By leveling up or stopping by the Training Grounds, the player’s Budew may learn new moves.

Leveling Up

The player’s Budew can learn and master these moves as it levels up:

MoveTypeLearn LevelMaster LevelPowerAccuracyPP
Poison StingPoison-type1103010020
Poison PowderPoison-type112008020
Stun SporeGrass-type182808020
Poison JabPoison-type34458010010
Energy BallGrass-type43548010010
Petal DanceGrass-type5264908510

Training Grounds

The following moves can be taught to the player’s Budew by going to the Training Grounds in the northwest corner of Jubilife Village and talking to Captain Zisu:

Dazzling GleamFairy-type7510010
Poison JabPoison-type8010010
Energy BallGrass-type8010010
Sludge BombPoison-type8010010
Shadow BallGhost type8010010

Budew is easier to find, capture, and utilize in battle with the help of this guide. Budew can be a great companion and addition to the player’s party, aiding with completing missions, requests, and even the legendary Arceus’ goal for the player to catch ’em all!

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