Pokemon Legends: Arceus Ultimate Geodude Guide


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Instead of competing in Pokemon Gyms and eventually becoming a Champion like in the other mainline Pokemon Games, the player in Pokemon Legends: Arceus joins the Galaxy Expedition Team, commonly referred to as the Galaxy Team, as an integral part of the Survey Corps to learn about the Pokemon found in the Hisui region. One of the player’s main tasks in the game is to finish the Pokedex by catching and studying every species of Pokemon found in the area.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Ultimate Geodude Guide

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about Geodude in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!


Geodude, the 46th Pokemon in the Hisuian Pokedex, is a Rock and Ground-type Rock Pokemon that has a brownish-gray body that looks like a boulder, a pair of trapezoidal eyes with brown pupils, bulging eyebrows above its eyes, a wide mouth, and a pair of muscular arms with five fingers on each hand.

According to its Pokedex entry, Geodude lives in the mountains and uses its muscular arms to climb the harsh mountain roads. Also, it says that Geodude can be troublesome as kicking one carelessly will make it angry and chase after the kicker.

Basic Information

Geodude is a Rock and Ground-type Pokemon that is weak (super effective) to Fighting-type, Ground-type, Ice-type, Steel-type, and especially Grass-type and Water-type moves, resistant (not very effective) to Fire-type, Flying-type, Normal-type, Rock-type, and especially Poison-type moves, and immune (no effect) to Electric-type moves.

Geodude’s base stats are 40 HP, 80 Attack, 100 Defense, 30 Special Attack, 30 Special Defense, and 20 Speed for 300.

Geodude can be evolved into a Graveler when it reaches Level 25, which can then be evolved into a Golem by trading it or using a Linking Cord.

Geodude’s preferred foods are Crunchy Salts, which are great to throw at it before catching it, battling it, or simply feeding it.

When a Geodude is captured or defeated in the wild, the player will receive a Tumblestone and a Ball of Mud.


The player can find Geodude in these locations:

In the Obsidian Fieldlands: around Deertrack Heights, Worn Bridge, and Oreburrow Tunnel.

image 14

The Crimson Mirelands: southeast of Gapejaw Bog, in Scarlet Bog, in Bolderoll Slope, and Ursa’s Ring.

image 15

In the Cobalt Coastlands: in Ginkgo Landing, around Aipom Hill, Bathers’ Lagoon, and Veilstone Cape.

image 16

In the Coronet Highlands: in Heavenward Lookout, in Clamberclaw Cliffs, in Celestica Ruins, and in Bolderoll Ravine.

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Geodude can be in these areas at all times of the day and in every weather condition.

Aside from that, Geodude can also be found in Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Obsidian Fieldlands, the Cobalt Coastlands, and the Coronet Highlands.

Research Tasks

The following are the Research Tasks in Geodude’s Pokedex entry in Pokemon Legends: Arceus:

MultiplierResearch TaskObjectives
x2Number caught1/3/6/12/25
Number of heavy specimens you have caught1/2/3/4/5
Number defeated1/3/6/12/25
Times you have seen it use Rollout1/3/6/12/25
Number you have defeated with Water-type moves1/2/5/10/20
Number you have defeated with Water-type moves1/2/5/10/20
x2Number you have seen leap out of ore deposits1/3/6/12/25
x2Number you have evolved1/2/3

If one of a Research Task’s objectives is accomplished, the Research Level of a Pokedex entry will be increased by one level. However, an entry receives two Research Levels rather than one when a Research Task objective is completed with a multiplier of x2. A Pokemon’s Pokedex entry cannot be considered finished until it reaches Research Level 10.

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To quickly complete Geodude’s Pokedex entry, the player can catch three Geodude from shaking ore deposits and defeat one more using a Water-type or Grass-type move. These will tick the first and second objectives of the “Number caught” Research Task to add four Research Levels thanks to its x2 multiplier, tick the first and second objective of the “Number you have seen leap out of ore deposits” Research Task to gain four more Research Levels also thanks to its x2 multiplier, ticks the first objective of the “Number defeated” Research Task to raise one Research Level and tick the first objective of the “Number you have defeated with Water-type moves” or the “Number you have defeated with Grass type moves” Research Tasks to add one more Research Levels to reach Research Level 10.


Geodude can learn new moves after leveling up or learning from the Training Grounds.

Leveling Up

These are the moves that Geodude can learn by leveling up:

MoveTypeLearn LevelMaster LevelPowerAccuracyPP
Iron DefenseSteel-type1525020
Rock SlideRock-type2131759010
Stealth RockRock-type29404010020

Training Grounds

Geodude can learn the following moves by speaking with Captain Zisu in the Training Grounds, which can be found in the northwesternmost part of Jubilife Village:

Rock SmashFighting-type4010020
Stealth RockRock-type4010020
Fire PunchFire-type7510010
Thunder PunchElectric-type7510010
Rock SlideRock-type759010
Earth PowerGround-type8010010
Stone EdgeRock-type100805

Relevant Request

Geodude is involved in Request 12, called the “A Perfect Pickling Stone” Request.

Before the player can begin this request, the player must first complete the ‘Request from Mai’ Mission, where the player will visit the Training Ground for the first time and engage in a Pokemon battle against Akira or Rei. Then, reset the area by exiting and reentering Jubilife Village to unlock the request.

After that, enter the Galaxy Hall and head to the second floor, where the player will find a woman named Radisa. Talk to her, and she will ask the player’s help to find a Geodude because she hopes that a Geodude would be just the right weight to use as a pickling stone.

Next, the player must now catch a Geodude for Radissa. The easiest area to find a Geodude is around Deertrack Heights in the Obsidian Fieldlands.

After catching a Geodude, head back to Jubilife Village and head to Radisa’s house in the west of the village near the farm (the middle house of the outer row of houses on the left side). Show Radisa the Geodude you caught, then the “A Perfect Pickling Stone” Request is now completed!

The player will be rewarded with three Honey Cakes and one Exp. Candy S, for your efforts.

Geodude can be a useful ally in Pokemon Legends: Arceus in pursuing missions, requests, or Arceus’ mission for the player to catch ’em all!

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