Possible Status Update on The Last of Us Part III



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Despite the online fan vitriol, The Last of Us Part II remains to be one of the most critically acclaimed games from Naughty Dog, and a lot of fans are hoping that we can get an update (or at least an announcement) for the third game soon. While nothing official is coming from the studio, an alleged leak gives us a status report for TLOU Part III.

Possible Status Update on The Last of Us Part III

This comes from @oopsleaks:

For now, it looks like the studio is focusing on a ‘major’ fantasy IP, so we have that to look forward to. With Uncharted and The Last of Us leaning more on realistic and grounded stories, I would love for Naughty Dog to come back to the more cartoonish fantasy worlds like Jak and Daxter or Crash Bandicoot.

As for The Last of Us Part III, we don’t have a major story yet, but I’m crossing my fingers that director Neil Druckmann will be able to bring everything full circle. My speculation is that we’ll finally get the cure for the zombie apocalypse that’s been teased since the first game, and maybe have Ellie once again running into Abby, but this time, as an ally.

Though a lot of players hate Abby (which was kind of the point of her character), I thought that Part II was just as much her story, and it would be a shame if they just sidelined her and Lev for the third game.

So far, The Last of Us Part III hasn’t been officially announced, but hopefully we get an update once Naughty Dog reveals their next big game.

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