Production has Begun for Halo Season 2



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Reviews were not so hot for the first season of Paramount+’s Halo adaptation, but the streaming service had already greenlit a second season before the show premiered.

Production has Begun for Halo Season 2

Now word has it that production for Halo 2 has already begun, and we have a new look at the returning Spartan crew. Check them out:

We don’t know what the second season of the show is about yet, but the first season did leave the fate of Master Chief and Dr. Halsey up in the air, with the body of MC being controlled by Cortana and Halsey on the run.

There is also the case of Makee who is one of the few creatures that can access the Keystones, which would provide a map that could lead to some kind of paradise that the Covenant is after. After her death and the artifacts secured by the humans though, we can only expect the conflict to escalate from this point.

Admittedly, Halo was not met with the best reviews when it premiered, and there are a lot of harsh criticisms for the way the characters had been approached—especially when it comes to Master Chief who had been given his own kind of backstory for the series apart from the games.

Personally, I think the story themes and arcs are actually pretty interesting, but it’s the execution that could do with some improvement. Fingers crossed that the second season will address all those problems this time around.

No release date has been announced for Halo 2, but you can check out the complete first season now streaming on Paramount+.

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