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Jason Frye

Writer and Storywriter


Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality may be the closest you can get to living a day in that funny and extremely messed up world. Despite being short and the jokes landing somewhat unevenly, fans will enjoy joining Rick and Morty on an adventure.
You play as a Morty clone, and this puts you in the perfect place to really participate in the show. As a disposable work force, Rick has a bunch of menial and dangerous things for you to do, from fixing his car, to repairing his porn-infected computer, and even dooming and saving the world.
Outside of some portal jumping to other locations, you are mostly confined to three areas inside the garage. You can teleport between them to solve the puzzles and interact with the world. If you need something outside those areas, the Meeseeks have been changed to Youseeks. They will mimic your movements, so you can act in other areas. Try headbutting one to see what happens.
Although you will be inventing new things, the mechanics are mostly familiar to anyone who has played a PSVR title. You can move back and forth, reach for and grab items, manipulate them back and forth, and push buttons.
At first, I had some trouble with tasks seemingly outside the play area. If this happens to you, go back to the beginning and adjust your height. I would also recommend you open the cabinet under the TV and choose to make your Morty clone a little bigger. This helped a lot. Finally, I adjusted the camera. It only took a few seconds for each of these tweaks, but I had almost completely smooth sailing for the rest of the time I played.
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Review: Rick and Morty: Virtual-Rickality - PS4/PSVR
  • Developer: Owlchemy Games
  • Release Date: April 10th
  • Price: $29.99, £15.99

This also helped to reduce any VR-related sickness. As someone who struggles with that, I had almost no problems with Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. I had to stop at certain intervals, but just know it’s easy on the tummy.
Despite the limited locations, you will go on a genuine Rick and Morty adventure. The story is basic, but it does a good job of being what you might expect from an episode. There is some time inventing in the garage. You visit an alien dimension, and there is some combat and action, with Rick yelling insults periodically at you and a passive-aggressive Morty.
Without ruining other surprises, we do not see many other characters, but Jerry and Mr. Poopybutthole do make small appearances. Justin Roiland provides the authentic character voices, and I can’t imagine it being made any other way.
This is a game for fans. It doesn’t try to ease you into the world like some watered-down Marvel movie that needs to appeal to everyone’s grandma. It expects you to get its references without explanation, and it is better that way. If you love the show, you really will appreciate some of the finer details in the garage and the ability to play in that toy box.
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There are moments in the game that made me smile, but the writing can be uneven. It tries, but it never reaches the level of an actual episode. It’s an understandably tough act to imitate. If you want some of the best writing in the game, don’t be afraid to die. It will happen on purpose, and I started looking forward to it.
Sadly, your time with Rick and Morty will be brief. Even with playing around in the world, it only lasts a few hours. After you finish the story, there are collectable cassette tapes to find (play them whenever you find a new one), a shooting gallery game, and a few new challenges to master.
As a fan of the show, I had fun with Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. It put me in the show, and, until season 4, it may be the most Rick and Morty we get for a long time. Even though the writing never reaches the heights of an actual episode, I think hardcore fans will really enjoy chance to live a few hours as a Morty clone.

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Reviewed using a PS4 Pro.

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