How to Ring a Doorbell in Fortnite



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Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the biggest video games in the world right now.

How to Ring a Doorbell in Fortnite

One of its most popular features is the weekly challenges, such as the ringing of a doorbell while your opponent is inside a house. This challenge was first presented as sort of a nod to Halloween because it feels like trick-a-treating.

In this article, we’ll show you the best way to complete one of the more complicated challenges in Fortnite.

What Is the Fortnite Doorbell Challenge?

Fortnite is the type of game where the more creative you are, the better you’ll do. It’s all about thinking on your feet and springing into action.

It’s also the type of game no one is supposed to take too seriously, that’s why so many of its players are teenagers. The Doorbell challenge, aside from being a Halloween gimmick, is a unique opportunity to troll your opponents and test your survival skills.

As every Fortnite fan knows, having your location on the map well hidden is the key to mastering the game, especially if you’re not great at combat.

However, when you ring the doorbell while your opponent is inside the house, you automatically disclose your location. That’s what the challenge represents – staying alive while messing with your opponents.

Ring Doorbell in Fortnite

How to Safely Ring the Doorbell in Fortnite?

Before figuring out how to ring the doorbell without getting discovered, there’s another layer to this challenge. You have to find the doorbells in the first place.

Not all houses in on the Fortnite map have the doorbells. And going from house to house looking for the white doorbell can take a lot of time.

Fortnite players have reported that houses with most doorbells are in locations such as Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and Salty Springs. But there are more.

You’ll likely have to scout the locations first, and the best time to do that is when you’re descending from the Battle Bus.

Once you find the house with the doorbell, get closer to the door and press the button on the right side. You’ll see the prompt on the screen, allowing you to do that.

How to Ring Doorbell in Fortnite

How Do You Know You Completed the Doorbell Challenge?

To complete the Doorbell challenge, you’ll need to repeat it three times, with success of course. Each completed doorbell ring while the opponent is in the house will bring you a reward.

You get five Battle Stars for each successful doorbell ring. But you’ll need to hold the Battle Pass in order to qualify for this challenge.

This pass allows you to unlock many different extras in Fortnite. You can use it to get more V-Bucks, the premium currency used in the game.

It’s mostly used for cosmetic purposes and for buying choreographies. A single V-Buck is around one penny in real currency.

How Do Get Weapons in Fortnite?

When you’re preparing to enter any Fortnite challenge, including the doorbell ring challenge, you have to be prepared for anything.

If you’re a rookie in this game, you might not yet be so crafty when it comes to picking up weapons. And you’re always in the search for new weapons and equipment in Fortnite.

All weapons are color-coded, and grey items, for example, usually have lower stats. You’re better off picking up orange or red weapons because they feature great stats.

Also, before heading into any challenge, make sure that you’ve recovered from any wounds you might have. You’ll need things like bandages, medical kits, and a little bit of time to recover.

Ring a Doorbell in Fortnite

Most Difficult Fortnite Challenges

By definition, challenges are meant to be difficult. Otherwise, they would be no point to them. But even in Fortnite, not all challenges are created equal.

Some you’ll finish in no time, and others will leave you with sleepless nights. Let’s go over some of the notoriously more difficult Fortnite challenges.

Avoiding Traps

Most experienced Fortnite players might reject the idea of Traps as being very challenging, but average users will disagree.

Granted, the traps are relatively rare in the game, and suffering an elimination by a trap doesn’t happen that often. However, it still takes some skill to know how to avoid them.

Searching Chests

Chests aren’t unusual in Fortnite, but this particular challenge has specific requirements. You need to find three identical chests in three different locations during a single match.

This presents a time management challenge more than anything else. Especially because other players are trying to complete it at the same time.

Flaming Hoops & Cannon

This challenge is every adventure-seeking player’s dream. You’re supposed to launch yourself from a cannon through the flaming hoops.

It will likely take you several tries before you’re able to complete this challenge. That’s because it’s not exactly easy getting yourself into a cannon while all of your opponents are shooting at you.

Overcoming Challenges in the Fortnite Universe

If playing Fortnite is your favorite way to spend free time, you probably adore the idea of a fun challenge. The doorbell challenge might not seem like the most exciting idea compared to some, but it’s funny and dangerous enough.

Standing on the side-lines inside Fortnite isn’t an option, so you better pick up that weapon and start searching for the doorbells to ring. Once you do, your enemy will know your location, but that’s where the fun begins.

Do you love playing Fortnite challenges? Let us know in the comments section below.

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