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Hi-ya all! There are a lot of admirers of Among Us out there. Roblox has finally released its version of the game. Like the game Among Us, the player must be either an Imposter or a Crewmate. As a Crewmate, your goal is to complete duties all across the map. While doing the duties, call an emergency meeting with the players to address whatever you see. Report any dead bodies located throughout the map as the Impostor kills the gamers. As the Impostor, your mission is to assassinate all of the players. To blend in and avoid being spotted, use vents or do some fake tasks. As a Ghost, your job is to carry out tasks in the same manner as a crewmate. You are, however, unable to communicate with others, report bodies, or call meetings. You have the power to pass through solid objects. Because of the game’s 3rd personal view effect, maneuvering and moving around is quite fluid.

Roblox: Crewmates Codes (Tested October 2022)

You can get the skins and a chance to roll some boxes for other costumes if you use the codes below. With fantastic hats and costumes, you will stand out from the crowd and appear to be cool. It’s like you are playing Among Us but feels like you are in the game because of your point of view. Doing tasks in this game gives you a different feeling too because tasks are shown quite impressive as it seems. Developers of this game allow us to enjoy the game with style. They have given us codes for you to have freebie skins while playing. These codes, however, don’t last long so grab these freebie skins and enjoy.

All Roblox: Crewmates Codes for Skins (Tested October 2022)

Below is the list of active and updated codes that you can use to redeem reward skins! We highly advise you to use the codes as soon as they are released because they will only last until their expiration. But no worries at all! We assure you that the codes here on our site are constantly updated by our monitoring team so that you won’t miss the rewards! Also, please input the codes EXACTLY how it was listed below to avoid errors. You can also copy and paste the codes from our list to ensure they function.

Roblox: Crewmates Working/ Active Codes

POPITSUSPop It rainbow skin
SQUIDGAMESquid Game pet and skin
100Ksuitcase pet and a fancy suit skin
999IQSherlock Holmes skin and magnifying glass
PUMPKINHEADpumpkin hat
MINICREWMATEa mini crewmate hat
IMPOSTORPACKimpostor skin and knife

Roblox: Crewmates Old/ Expired Codes

We created a tracker of the old and expired codes from Roblox: Crewmates, so if players want to see what codes have been deactivated, they can do so by checking the list below. If you were able to use these codes before they were deactivated, no worries about the rewards! All claimed rewards will not be lost even when the code had expired.

  • There are no codes available yet so don’t worry.

You can receive extra codes for Crewmates by following @LionlyStudios on Twitter. Other players, as well as new codes and upgrades, are announced there. You can bookmark our codes list here if you don’t use Twitter or just want a quick way to get the latest codes. We make every effort to keep the list up to date as soon as new code is released.

Those are all of the codes for Roblox: Crewmates that are currently available. You can share your suggestions and ideas with us in the comment section. Please let us know if you spot codes that have expired or missing so we can update our list as soon as possible! Happy reading, enjoy the game, and don’t forget to give us a thumbs-up!


How do I Redeem Freebies using the Codes in Roblox: Crewmates?

For those who are new to playing Roblox or those who don’t know how to input codes yet, you can follow these easy steps to redeem code rewards in Roblox: Crewmates:

  1. Open the game through PC/Mobile.
  2. Click or Tap the Gift Button located at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Copy the codes above and paste them into the textbox
  4. Tap or click Redeem to enjoy the skins

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