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Whenever the times comes for the Annual Bloxy Awards, it is always fun to have some fun, meet new people, but also get some extra free goodies. This year, the annual Bloxy Awards are available for every player, even free-to-play players, and non-premium users can also get the rewards which this event offers. One of those rewards is the Bloxy Builder Helmet.

Roblox: How to Get Bloxy Builder Helmet

There are some other items as well, and all can be obtained very easily, but the builder helmet is probably the easiest of them all. Nonetheless, not all know how you can get it.

Acquire the Bloxy Builder Helmet – Roblox

Like I said, there are different challenges for every piece of clothing you can get from the event. Some will send you on a scavenger hunt, and others will only require you to press a button.

Well, the builder helmet can be acquired with a press of a button. Still, chances are that you would want to whole set, but that can be collected later on.

If you want to get the bloxy builder helmet, then you will need to get to the Bloxy Awards space/location. There, make your way to a shop. When you’re there, interact, and click “Collect Your Outfit”.

This will give you the builder helmet. From this prompt, you will be able to see how each item can be obtained. The head can be obtained by entering the Hall of Fame, the backpack can be acquired from a scavenger hunt, and one more item for completing a trip through the metaverse.

Those that want to get the whole set can get on it immediately after getting the helmet. There are items which are scattered in the game hall, which players can find.

Eight items are needed to be found in order to get the backpack. It is fair to mention that some are put in some very difficult spots.

Chances are that some other players will be completing the scavenger hunt as well. They might point you to locations to some items for the scavenger hunt.

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