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Since Monster Hunter Rise was released, it had a few errors that players kept encountering while playing the game. While the launch may have been ‘bumpy’ to say the least, the errors are what you might expect from any game. Sure, there were some which were individual to this game, but most of the time, players were getting the usual connection, compatibility, and other similar issues.

Monster Hunter Rise: Connection Error Fix

Among them, the most common one was a connection error. Players kept getting “Communication Error Occurred” when trying to get in a lobby. Read on to find a way to fix it!

Communication Error Occurred – Monster Hunter Rise [Fix]

At this moment in time, it is still unknown whether this issue is an underlying problem with the game, or individual with its players. However, chances are that it is both.

The fixes we will cover are the usual of what you might expect for fixing connection related issues.

NOTE: Try to launch the game and connect to a lobby in-between trying each of the methods outlined below.

Switch to a Wired Connection

If you’re trying to launch the game with a Wi-Fi connection, make sure to switch to an ethernet cable. Wi-Fi connections are on average far less stable and slower than a wired one.

In any case, while it may seem like it might not make any difference, it actually does, no matter how close the origin of the connection is or not.

Reset Your Router

This does a couple of things. Other than clearing up everything, it resets a lot of things, including your already-set settings, but still, it is worth to give it a shot.

However, if this cliché method doesn’t help, proceed with the next one on the list.

Forget Network & Set Nat Type B

Clear all of your network settings on your Nintendo Switch. This includes forgetting the current network you’re using, and setting up a new one from scratch.

On top of that, what other players have managed to confirm is that having your connection at Nat Type B seems to be better, and will mitigate this issue.

Other than that, other fixes include: resenting your Switch and reinstalling the game. Monster Hunter Rise is a great game, but these errors can sometimes be very inconvenient. Nonetheless, we will follow this issue, and cover it if there is a proper fix for it. Stay tuned.

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