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There are what are called “Groups” in Roblox. In these, the creators can sell custom clothing and similar appearance items, and all of the funds will go to the group, regardless of who created it. You can even add funds to your group even without premium, as it will be showcased below. You do have to own a bit of Robux to do so, but other than that, it is relatively simple.

Roblox Mobile: How to Add Group Funds – 2021

There were different methods that were viable in the past, but in 2021, things have changed, and the community has found a way to add funds to a group.

How to Add Group Funds – Roblox Mobile 2021

Since this is the only viable method that is currently working at the time of writing, consider this method a subject of change. As the game updates, this method might not work in the future.

Follow these steps to add group fund in Roblox mobile in 2021:

  1. Open up a browser and go to Roblox.
  2. Login to your account. Now, press the “aA” button next to the link in your browser (it should be in the top left corner of your screen).
  3. Press Create then “Manage my games” and then open up “Group Creations”.
  4. Go to “Game Passes”. Select an image (a random one, it doesn’t matter), enter a random name and a random description.
  5. Click Preview then Verify Upload.
  6. Go down to the one that you created and click the cog icon on the right, and click Configure.
  7. Press General and then go to Sales. Type in the amount of funds that you want to add.
  8. Then, press Save at the bottom. Go to Details and copy the link from the address bar.

Then, you should logout of that account and login to your main one, or another account that you use. After you login, just paste the link that you copied in the address bar at the top.

It should become apparent now that the only thing left to do is actually to buy this game pass. You can then go to Groups and the particular one you used.

The funds might not appear yet, as sometimes it takes quite some times so that they can get synced. Usually, it takes a couple of hours, but it might also take a few days!

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