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Rocket League has had its fair share of connection issues. The old “connection timed out” is a phrase that pierces through the soul of many Rocket League players. Nowadays, with the game getting more and more exposure since it is has transitioned to being free-to-play, there are no shortage of server issues. But are these server issues or issues that can be fixed on the client side?

Rocket League: Error 71 Fix

Well, its both. For example, for the 71 connection error in Rocket League, the issue could be from the host’s side or the Rocket League servers themselves.

What to Do If You Get Error 71 – Rocket League

There is no clear answer on what to do if you get this error. However, the best things you can do is reset your router, restart the game, change Rocket League servers, disable firewall, switch to a wired connection, and similar.

So, the process is a bit of troubleshooting in order to find the origin of the issue, and ultimately fixing it.

Simply, start with the basic things. Restart the game, reset your router, or change the server you’re playing on. However, make sure to try these one by one in order to find out what was the issue, and to avoid doing unnecessary work.

It is also important to check whether Rocket League servers are up. When the servers are down, there is a chance that players will encounter this error.

As for disabling firewall if you’re on PC, it’s relatively simple. Simply open the Start Menu and search for “Firewall”, and then click enter. Turn it off for all three network types.

This is to ensure that the firewall isn’t blocking the communication between your game and the Rocket’s servers.

Other than that, there is one more thing to try. While it is unlikely, a corrupted install might cause this error to occur for some. In order to fix that, verify the integrity of your game files, or reinstall the game.

Switching to a wired connection might sound like a cliché method, but it works. This is due to the fact that wired connections are much more stable, and quite faster.

Rocket League is a football game with cars, it is you can get it on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, MacOS, Windows, Linux, & MacOS.

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