What Are The Roles In Wild Rift And How To Play Each Of Them



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As with any MOBA out there, playing your roles properly in League of Legends: Wild Rift is the key to victory. A perfectly balanced team where each player does what they intended to do has a better chance of winning most of the time. Remember, it’s mostly about good rotation and proper lane management, so roles play a crucial part in the game.

What Are The Roles In Wild Rift And How To Play Each Of Them

Now, roles are different from the types of heroes. Roles dictate what you should do throughout the entire match. The typical roles are Mid, Jungle, Top/Baron, ADC, and Support, primarily broken up by the different lanes. You’ll find that most players are going to use these terminologies when playing League of Legends: Wild Rift. Here’s what they mean and the types of heroes there are for each role.

Mid Lane

As the name suggests, the mid-lane role refers to heroes who start the match at the middle of the map. In most cases, the Mid-lane role is given to Mage or Marksman types. The main purpose of the mid-lane role is to provide support for the top and bottom lanes during team fights. However, the Mid-laner should also focus on destroying the first tower in the lane as soon as possible.

Mid-laners are also considered as the second carry of the team. This means they are expected to deal heavy damage during the latter parts of the game alongside the main carry. The mid-lane is often left to advanced players because it’s a critical role. As you are in mid-lane, you’ll be more prone to ambushes coming from both the top and bottom lanes.

When placing your wards, make sure to put one at the top or bottom bush. While your wards cool down, make sure to keep a close eye on the bush without ward as that’s your vulnerable point at the moment. Focus on destroying the first tower in the mid-lane first. Once done, begin rotating around the map. Mid-laners are also tasked with helping the Jungle kill Baron Nasher, the Rift Herald, or the dragons.

Mid-Lane Heroes: Ahri, Orianna, Akali


The Jungler is one of the most crucial roles in the game. To put it simply, Junglers serve as the main carry of the team. They aren’t going to stay put in any of the lanes. Instead, they are going to roam around the Jungle to farm during the early game. They’ll also be tasked with setting up ganks for the entire team as well.

The Jungler role is often taken by heroes in the Assassin or Fighter class. They need to be capable of going solo against the jungle buffs in the game. When playing as a Jungler, your first task would be to clear all of the jungle creeps first, but you should start with the ones that give buffs as they can help support you as you clear everything else.

As a Jungler, you should help your allies across the map by setting up ambushes against the enemies on their lane. Last but not least, the Jungler is responsible for killing the Baron Nashor, the Rift Herald, and the dragons. The dragons are often more important as they give you buffs that can help make team fights easier.

Jungle Heroes: Jax, Rengar, Khazix

Top/Baron Lane

Baron-laners are usually solo players. The slot is mainly taken by heroes in the Fighter class. In most cases, Baron-laners are expected to be the second carry or the team’s main carry during the latter parts of the game. If you’re in Baron Lane, your main goal at first is to push the first and second towers. Once these are done, you can begin roaming around the map.

As the name suggests, Baron-laners are assigned to the lane where Baron Nashor will appear. This is a crucial role as you’ll have to keep a close watch on whether the enemy team is trying to take Baron or the Rift Herald as well. Alternatively, you’ll have to support your Jungler should they choose to take on these foes as well.

Baron Lane Heroes: Darius, Nassus, Garen


ADC refers to Attack Damage Champion. These are the heroes that will serve as the main carry of the team. At first, they deal a small amount of damage, but you’ll be expected to farm and carry your team to victory at the latter parts of the game. In most cases, ADC roles are filled either by Marksman, Assassin, or Mage type heroes.

Playing as the ADC usually means that most of the pressure will be on you. For one, you’ll have to be the one that deals the most damage and kills the most foes at the end of the game. You’ll also have to be mindful of the enemy team as you’re going to be their primary target during team fights.

In Wild Rift, the ADC that pushes the tower the fastest is the one that can easily carry the team to victory. At first, you should focus on getting as many last hits as possible as this means you’ll be able to farm a lot faster than the other team’s ADC.

ADC Heroes: Ashe, Vayne, Varus


Last but not least is the Support. The Support role is usually the unsung heroes of Wild Rift. The role is mostly used by heroes in the Tank or the Support class. That being said, your main job is to protect your team. Most importantly, you’ll be going along with the ADC during the early parts of the game, and you’ll have to help them become stronger.

As a support hero, your main task isn’t to get kills. Instead, it’s usually to take most of the damage for the team and help them get as many kills as possible. Don’t let the role fool you; the Support role is crucial as, without it, the ADC and Jungler will struggle to get strong enough to carry the rest of the team later.

There are a few types of Support roles. Heroes like Blitzcrank are the types to take the damage for their team. They are also expected to set team fights by initiating with their crowd control abilities. On the other hand, heroes like Sorraka and Sona are expected to support the team with abilities that heal and abilities that give their allies buffs.

Support Heroes: Sorraka, Blitzcrank, Sona

These are five main roles in League of Legends: Wild Rift. It’s crucial that you familiarize yourself with each role and understand what you should do throughout the game. Playing all roles is a good idea as this means you can easily fill the slot your team needs whenever you play solo.


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