Rumour: PSVR 2 is 4K and Has Built-In Haptic Feedback For Headset Rumbles


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Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 (if that’s what the device is even called) is due to ship out to customers next year, but we still don’t know much about the next-gen headset; we only have rumours.

Rumour: PSVR 2 is 4K and Has Built-In Haptic Feedback For Headset Rumbles

A new rumour has emerged thanks to UploadVR’s report that “sources” have shared details on the PSVR 2 and its features. Bear in mind, we can’t actually verify these sources so take it with the usual salt, but if the details are true, it sounds like PSVR 2 could be something special. We already know the controllers are fancy as heck, but what about the headset itself?
According to the rumour, the new headset will have a resolution of 4K, which is a massive jump over the current PSVR model, and even higher than the new-ish Oculus Quest 2, so games would appear super sharp and clear within the headset.
There’s also a lens adjustment dial and even eye-tracking that’s able to kick-in foveated rendering. What this means is that if your eyes are peering off at something to the left, the right side of the screen will scale down to save resources, pumping all the detail to where you’re actually looking. It’s fancy stuff and normally reserved for top-end PCVR setups. It looks like Sony’s Jim Ryan wasn’t fibbing when he talked up the PSVR 2 to be a “completely different format.”
The big shocker is the mention of a built-in motor within the VR headset. This would allow developers to give haptic feedback to players via their head. On paper, this sounds like a cool feature and I could definitely see it working with boxing games or something like Headmaster which is played exclusively with the head. On the other hand, it could be a pain in the neck, literally and figuratively.
The report also claims the headset has a single USB-C port on the front of the headset and it connects directly to the PS5 via this port. This could be troublesome; if the cable is hanging in front of the player, surely it’s going to be in the way, right? Again, we’ll have to wait and see what Sony has planned.
And finally, something that anybody could have guessed, is that the PSVR 2 headset will use onboard cameras to track the new controllers. This means no more ridiculous light-based tracking system, which is good, but what about the headset itself? Will it use inside-out tracking like the Quest/Quest 2, or will it still rely on an external camera to determine the position of the player within the playspace? These questions were not addressed in the rumour, but expect Sony to give all the details in due course.
Source: Upload VR

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