What Is Rune And Is It Worth Playing?



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The NFT gaming industry is filled with a ton of promising games nowadays. For developers, the best way to stand out is to create a good game and a game with a decent economy that rewards players through simple gameplay. One NFT game that fits this bill is Rune. It is currently one of the most promising games on the market and worth keeping an eye on.

What Is Rune And Is It Worth Playing?

At first glance, Rune looks similar to old-school RPGs like Diablo and Runescape. Upon starting the game, you must choose from one of seven classes – Barbarian, Paladin, Druid, Mage, Amazon, Necromancer, and Assassin. To create a character, you will need to spend 0.1 Rune. As of this writing, that is worth $1.40, which is not a bad deal.

The game connects to various wallets. We suggest using MetaMask as it is the safest and easiest wallet. You can pay for the fee by getting yourself some Rune first.

Just trade some Ethereum for 0.1 Rune so you can begin playing. Once you create a character, you can join a guild with other players. As a guide, you can play to earn collective rewards for the entire group.

There are four key aspects in this game. The core principle is you must fight other players to earn Rune for yourself. However, there are four core gameplay elements in the game. Before you consider playing this game, you should look at the core gameplay elements you will have to take advantage of.

Rune Evolution

Rune Evolution is the play-to-earn aspect of the game. First, you’ll need to create your character, as stated above. Upon creating your character, the next part of the game will see you controlling a small dragon that can eat sprites all over the playable area.

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The goal is to eat as many sprites as possible. You can eat other smaller dragons from players as well. Of course, they can eat your dragon if it is smaller than theirs.

When playing Rune Evolution, make sure that you pick the server close to where you live. For instance, play in the North American servers if you reside there. That way, you will not experience lag or input delay while playing. Any ping on your end will be a major disadvantage, so watch out.

Rune Farm

Rune Farm is the game’s form of Yield Farming. To play Rune Farm, you will need to earn some tokens first. You can either buy Rune from exchanges or you can earn them through Rune Evolution as well. This is one of the most rewarding gameplay elements of Rune, but it is also the one that needs more investments in most cases as well.

The goal is to acquire 33 unique runes – all of which are present in the game’s ecosystem. You can only acquire these runes by raiding other players’ farms or by providing liquidity to the game. It can take a while before you can see your yield grow in Rune Farm patience is a must in Rune Farm.


If you are into NFTs, then Runewords will be an exciting feature to play in Rune. Here, you can craft your weapons and armor and equip them for your selected hero. The stronger your Runewords are, the more powerful your heroes will be. Like other aspects of the game, you will need Rune tokens to create NFTs.

It is worth dipping your toes in Runewords because this is an NFT marketplace. You can make it big if you can create a powerful weapon or armor and then sell it on the market. Of course, it will make major investments if you want to create better NFTs.

Rune Infinite Arena

Of course, Rune does have some PVP elements as well. In this case, the PVP element for the game is Rune Infinite Area. Here, you will face off against other players carrying weapons and armor. Here is where your Runewords NFTs will make the most impact, as it will dictate whether or not you can beat other players.

The good news is that Rune Infinite Arena can earn you many rewards regularly. In this arena, you’ll be pitted against many other players. The reward for the last player standing includes NFTs or even cryptos, depending on their performance.

With many games to choose from, Rune is arguably one of the most promising games in the growing blockchain industry. It is still relatively young, and it is not hard to see why players are looking at Rune as a significant investment in the future. Fans are expecting more and more features and play-to-earn elements in the future.

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