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Because Satisfactory is such an advancement-oriented game, you need to gather a lot of resources to accomplish your goals. Resources can be harvested on the ground by digging or crafted separately.

Satisfactory : How To Get Uranium

Also, many of these resources can serve as fuel if refined. The factories you built will require tons of materials to work. Furthermore, if you want to battle it out, you must be adequately geared. This is why it is essential to get uranium. See below on how to get uranium.

How To Get Uranium In Satisfactory

Most resources are useless until you reach a certain progression percentage in the game. That being said, materials like uranium, bauxite, limestone, and others are useless at the beginning and mid-game. There is no particular use for them early on.

You have to have individual factories, equipment, machinery that could process and refine those materials. Even though some loot doesn’t have to be refined, it would probably require some device to use.

Uranium is a very late-game ore, and it has several critical uses. Uranium is closely involved in the production of Nuclear Fuel Rods.

However, it would be best if you were extremely careful because this material is very radioactive. It can be unlocked on Tier 7 – Nuclear Power. Stack sizes come in a maximum of 100, and the sinking value is 35. Even though it’s moderately radioactive compared to the other materials, you need to be careful when using it.

It can be found scattered all over the world in resource deposits or from resource nodes. Miners can be made to extract uranium automatically from resource nodes. You could tame Lizard Doggos, which will bring it to you occasionally.

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Most uranium condensed places are Red Bamboo Fields and crash sites. These are mostly available end-game.
Lastly, if you haven’t progressed to Nuclear Power Tier, chances are you need to find wood and go through the tiers. If you want a guide on finding wood, you can check it out here: Satisfactory: How To Find Wood. Good luck, builder!

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