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There are unique ways of travel in Satisfactory. This is not that surprising because the game is oriented on exploration and engineering. You have to travel the world at excessive speeds to get what materials you need.

Satisfactory : How To Use Parachute

Sometimes you even have to travel to other worlds to get some materials which you cannot find on yours. That being said, the developers were very creative in inputting exciting ways you can explore the unique world around you. They introduced vehicles, jetpacks, parachutes, blade runners, cannons, and many more.

You can travel a fair amount of kilometers using these devices. So, to use cannons or to jump from very high up, you will need parachutes. See below on how to use parachutes in Satisfactory.

How To Use Parachute In Satisfactory

Most players would argue their effectiveness. However, there are many uses for parachutes. The most known critic for the parachute in Satisfactory is that it is a one-time use item. In other words, you can only use one parachute once.

Nevertheless, they are straightforward to make, so that is not that big of a deal. The primary use is to reduce falling speed and not to take fall damage. Of course, the parachute can be activated only when descending through time and space. You cannot open the parachute while going up.

To use Parachute in Satisfactory press SPACE BAR

One parachute disappears from the stack upon usage or landing. This item is unlocked only at Mycelia Research. It is hard to control the horizontal movements once deployed.
To craft this item, you will need 10x fabrics and 5x Cables. You will also need the Equipment Workshop to prepare. On a single craft, you will receive five parachutes.

Because this item’s movement is tough to control, beware when using the Hyper Tube Cannon. The maximum stack size is 50, and the sinking value is 608.

It is very advised to have at least 5-10 parachutes with you at all times, you cannot be sure what kind of situations you can run into in this world. Have fun flying, engineer!

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