Wasteland 3 : Secret Prison How To Find And Access



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There are many undisclosed and secret locations throughout Wasteland 3. This exceptionally adds to the lore and story of the game. Sometimes you need to find these places on primary or secondary missions.
Primary missions are quests in the game that are obligatory and must be finished to complete the game. However, the secondary tasks are not mandatory, and they are just a way to introduce even more flair into the game.

Wasteland 3 : Secret Prison How To Find And Access

An example of a secondary mission is the Lords of War quest. You are tasked to find an underground prison, and more importantly, many players struggle to find this infamous prison. This is why it is crucial you know how to find and access the Secret Prison.

How To Find And Access Secret Prison In Wasteland 3

The Secret Prison is impressive because you can find a unique item in there. So, whether you are just going for the quest or trying to find this missing weapon, it is imperative to visit this place.

That is why secondary missions are essential. You can usually find particular items that will go unnoticed if you don’t do these quests.
How to access the Secret Prison?

  1. Travel to Broadmoor Heights.
  2. Find the Buchanan Monument on the west side of the map.
  3. Go to the monument and interact.
  4. You will find a latch with a hole, and you will be asked either to stick something in or leave the hatch alone. Choose to stick something in, and a doorway will be opened.

Once inside, you can proceed to finish the quest. However, if you are already inside, search around the place for the Shrink Ray weapon. It’s located somewhere at the end of the first big room. Good luck, Ranger!

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