How to Solve the Lightning Sword Puzzles in Yashiori Island in Genshin Impact



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Yashiori Island is one of the challenging regions to explore in Genshin Impact due to the rainstorm that does not seem to stop. After helping a local solve the mystery of this abnormal weather condition, the seemingly unending storm is finally put to an end.

How to Solve the Lightning Sword Puzzles in Yashiori Island in Genshin Impact

However, this is not the only mysterious phenomenon involving lighting in the region. In your adventure, you will come across swords that are struck into the ground, and some of these are emitting electricity or lightning. These can be interacted with, but violent lightning will strike where you are standing when you choose to touch it.

There are 10 locations in Yashiori Island where you can find these lightning swords, and they are puzzles that will reward you with a few treasures.

To solve this puzzle, find the nearest Thunder Sakura Bough and summon an Electrogranum before touching the lightning sword.

When you have an Electrgranum with you, the lightning that will strike the sword will not deal any damage to you, and a phantom samurai will appear.

After defeating this ghost, a treasure chest will appear, and the sword will no longer emit electricity.

All Locations of the Lightning Swords

As mentioned above, there are 10 locations in Yashiori Island with these Lighting Swords.

Nine of these locations have a single sword stuck in the ground emitting electricity, while 1 location has six lightning swords and is a little more complicated to solve.

North of Forth Fujitou

Small Island South of Fort Mumei

Statue of the Seven Northeast of Higi Village

By the Large Tree at the Center of Higi Village

By the Shore South of Higi Village

Southwest of Serpent’s Head

By the Shore South of Jakotsu Mine

East End of Serpent’s Spine

Near the Western Teleport Waypoint in Nazuchi Beach

Musoujin Gorge

The puzzle in this location involves six lightning swords and an Electro Seelie. Going near this creature will have it transferred from one to another, indicating how you should touch or interact with them.

Again, summon an Electrogranum from the Thunder Sakura Bough nearby before interacting with the swords.

The Seelie moves quite fast, and its order from sword to sword might get confusing. Thus we have the photo below for your reference. Touch the swords in the indicated order and let the lightning strike them.

Two phantom samurais will appear after lightning strikes the swords in the correct order, and you have to defeat them.

Once you have interacted with the swords in all locations and defeated all phantom samurais, a hidden achievement named “REST IN PEACE” will be unlocked.

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